At five years old we decided it was time for Woody to move to his new life. Those following us for the last couple of seasons will know that Woody and Chris formed a really strong bond and became the best of mates. Woody is now living full-time with Chris.

Woody’s racing career started a little later than his siblings due to some minor injuries keeping him out of the big races. In his break through-year in 2017 he raced everything: Copper Basin 300, the Two Rivers 100, the Northern Lights 300, Yukon Quest 300 and culminated in him making the Red Team for the Iditarod! We were all so very proud of him!

We’ll let Chris tell you about Woody’s next move:

Woody had an incredible summer on the Mendenhall Glacier. All the tourists love him. He has this habit of walking over and leaning on people that can melt even the hardest of hearts. He is smart and his confidence has been growing steadily. At 5 years old, Woody has finally found his groove.

This winter, Woody is getting a break from competitive mushing. I am planning on running the Solstice 50 with him, but his main focus is an organization called Noble Paws. Based in Fairbanks, Noble Paws works with people with mental and physical disabilities and kids in high-risk situations. Woody and the other dogs give these kids something to focus on. I think we all know how much of a healing effect dogs can have. Woody has been more than happy to help! 

If you want to check up on Woody and his new buddies, and maybe support a good cause, you can visit Noble Paws on Facebook or their main website

Sincere thanks to Heidi Phillips who sponsored him from a youngster – and to all his fans over the years. We appreciate your support for The Woodster.

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