Nome is the central hub for many outlying villages. It seems strange and backward… but Aliy is in Nome before being Golovin, Elim and White Mountain?!?!

While in Nome she is visited retired SP Kennel husky, Hotshot, and his new family. This was their first reunion post retirement ans lets be honest… Hotshot is in LOVE with Mallory.

Aliy took a few moments to swing by the Nome Women’s Shelter talk to some ladies there and enjoyed fresh bluberry pie with coffee.

Aliy is staying with Curtis and Kamey – THANKS GUYS!

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  • There is no place like Nome! Must be a totally different town in August as compared to March! Glad to hear Hotshot is enjoying his new forever home!

  • Thank you for the update. What a special visit for the ladies in the shelter. Enjoy your travels and visits.


    Love the map of major municipalities in the greater Nome metro area!!! What a treat – thinks so much!!!

    Hey – the Nome-Council 200 map is here, too!!! WOOF!!!

    And a big wet woof woof woof to Fire Litter retiree Hotshot and his lady!!!



  • Wowie Aliy! a trip to Nome without dogs?! Hoping you have a video cam with you for this reverse trip. Fun to see folks without all the winter gear and clothes. Awooolll Shotty.. glad you have a happy new home.. thanks Aliy for your humanity.
    Padee Fairbanks

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