We were looking back through the Dog Log yesterday because longtime kennel sponsors Tom & Cindy Eckhoff were visiting. They have seen the kennel grow from a small time wilderness dog team to what we are today and seeing some of that history was kinda fun.

There are so many great stories, videos and photos on this website. The “search” tool on the left hand side helps find stories on specific dogs, locales or races. If you ever have a spare moment or two, you can learn a lot about SP Kennel, dog mushing and the many, many stories about the individual athletes of SP.

SP Kennel only really started producing such interesting and interactive content when our good friend and world traveler, Macgellan, stepped into the picture. He always said “it’s all about the dogs”. He was right. His fun interaction with the dogs, camera gear and the internet was something new and different for the dog mushing world. Macgellan put a lot of time and effort into reporting for us on this website for several years and luckily… we have much of that content in the history here on the SP Kennel Dog Blog.

This video one of our all time favorites. Macgellan was simply trying out his new camera – he had some difficulties early on with cold weather, durability and camera gear. Since he was outdoors constantly and videoing everything, he caught some pretty great footage.

DECEMBER 8, 2008
FLASHBACK – – – For Tatfish (and my new camera)…

While I’ve been pleasantly surprised, frankly, at how well my photo gear has held up under the demanding conditions here in the Interior Alaskan winter, I have to admit that it has been a bit of a struggle from time to time.

So, while I was in Fairbanks the other day I shopped for a camera that is more “purpose built” for the cold, snow, etc., than my existing gear. I found one by Olympus called the “Stylus 1030 SW” — the “SW” stands for “Shock and Water Proof” — and it is supposed to operate in temperatures down to -10 degrees. Hoping for the best, I bought it and determined to put it to the test right away.

As Aliy and Allen were getting ready to head out on a training run yesterday, I noticed a small rock in the Kennel’s exit chute. With the claim of “shock and water proof” in mind, I propped my new camera down on the snow in front of it, hoping to get some footage from an unusual perspective. Actually, I was still just hoping for the best.

By now you know that the dogs are pretty excited to get going just before a run, some of them to the extent that we have to hook them up at the very last second or they will make a tangled mess out of the team. This is particularly true for Tatfish. For reasons that you will see, this little video is dedicated to Tatfish and my new camera, both of whom deserve better than they get!

Special thanks to Jonathan Coulton — who somehow always has just the song I need! — for the use of “Why Don’t You Take Care Of Me?”


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  • I'm so jealous that Tom and Cindy are there! We are great Facebook friends–all because of SPK!

  • My sister "introduced" me to SPKennel the year Happy ran to Nome. No one tells a story quite like Macgellan. Mac hooked me on SPKennel, but the love Aliy and Allen have for their dogs and the sport of mushing has kept me following year round ever since. A big thank you to Aliy and all those who contribute to making this website a must read. I know it takes a lot of effort and takes time you would rather spend with family and dogs, but we fans appreciate all you do to let us share your lives.


  • Macgellan videos are the best!! What are the chances of capturing the missing Tatfish all on tape! Over the years I have been entertained by using the "search" feature on the Dog Log…many years of SPK memories to explore and smile at!

  • Great video! Love it! As a fairly new fan, I appreciate the website archives and those that have contributed to it through the years. I need to do a better job of reading/watching more of the early years.

  • Thanks for the tip! Since computers are a challenge it's a great
    tool. Macgellan commentary and explanation is always a big plus!

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