Aliy and Allen were in Anchorage for a few hours this past week and were able to catch up with Scruggs.

Thankfully, he now is quite easy to “catch up” with at his new home. Scruggs, his new furry BFF, Molly, and Barbara are all happy and healthy. The threesome are getting along great and have gotten used to each other’s habits with only a few quirks. Scruggs seems very content at this loving home.

Yup… he has jumped 4 paws into his retirement.

Scruggs and Allen pose in the backyard; Molly says “What about ME?!?”

Scruggs has no physical signs of being gone from home for those 2 weeks. His rear toenails were quite worn down originally, but have grown back some now. He seems more comfortable with the sounds of the neighborhood and truly enjoys his own backyard. Scruggs, Molly and Barbara are a great family. Molly is very patient with her “new man” as he rips the squeaky out of most of her squeaky toys. Apparently Scruggs is more of a natural bone kinda guy. Not surprising.

Bone euphoria; Molly and Scruggs at the front window Look Out.

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  • So happy Scruggs is adapting and enjoying his new arrangement. And I'm so happy you went to check him out, too. And shared his onsite pix, too!!!

    Thanks ever so much for filling us in on whatever he might have been up to in the two week walkabout!!!

    Sounds like a new happy family with 2 ladies to watch out for!!!


  • Scruggs scored an awesome forever home….bet he really appreciates it after his lil adventure out on his own! Glad to see he has settled in with his new family! Thanks for the Scruggs update!

  • How precious! So glad Scruggs is happy in his new home with Barbara.
    Bet he enjoyed the visit with Allen and Aliy. Scruggs is one lucky

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