Five years ago today Olivia and Nacho had their first litter of puppies: Kodiak, Dutch, Junior and Lydia. The four adults that they have become are phenomenal sled dogs and companions. They are often in lead of the very best SPK teams and have tremendous futures ahead. Even better than that, each dog is a superb individual with loving and happy temperament. They are the very best kind of dog to have either pulling your sled down the trail or sleeping next to your Lazy Boy recliner. Happy Birthday kids!

Thanks to the Secrets dedicated Dog Sponsors: Trish, Sue, Cliff & family and the Chaffins. As well as all their enthusiastic Dog Fans!

And then there’s Tig! Tig came to the kennel as a 7 week old pup when we had a small number of retired in-house sled dogs. We thought… “Why not shake things up around here and get a Lab?” She has been doing that for 9 years – shaking things up. Happy Birthday girl.

The differences between huskys and labs are sometimes vast – even though they have grown up in the same environment. The huskys LOVE to pull, run like the wind, work as a pack, howl enthusiastically and don’t particularly care for water. The lab doesn’t pull, trots down the trail with a hurky-jerky gait, is somewhat a loner, can’t comprehend ~ much less attempt to howl – and would love to swim and fetch sticks all day long. And oh yea… don’t forget about the squirrels.

We have to admit that the two dog breeds sometimes rub off on each other. For instance, Quito now runs into the forest wherever Tig is and immediately looks into the trees (for squirrels.) Of course Quito would immediately eat it – not fetch it – if she ever got one. And Mac, after years of watching Tig fetch sticks, has taken to the water. He even “swims for fun” now.

But, the funniest sight is to watch Tig as she is surrounded by 50 huskys howling. The sound is awesome and deafening. Tig just sits there dumbfounded. She looks like Allen and Aliy standing at a concert in Stockholm, Sweden. What the heck are these guys saying?! After 9 years, Tig still can’t howl ~ even Allen could learn some Swedish in 9 years!!!

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  • Wedgy definitely takes after her mom in her keen interest in squirrels. The first thing she does each morning before breakfast or morning pee is run outside and make sure all squirrels are away from feeders and off the property. Only then can the day begin.

    Happy Birthday Tig, Kodiak, Junior, Lydia, and Dutch!

  • WOOF WOOF WOOF!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful video!!! And another "woof" on edit and fade skills for 2 legged team leader!!!

    Happy Birthday to "The Secret" litter of dogs who personify their parents' best traits – macho Nacho and so pretty Olivia – and happy personalities…since they have love love love from 2 and 4 legged family!!!

    And Tig is a dog most popular in Weston because Labs are great with kids and as you pointed out, fetch with all their strength. And yes it is fun that Mac developed swimming skills (learned behavior as opposed to genetics – smart doggie!!!).

    Thanks so much for this super birthday surprise for the Secrets!!!

  • Happy BDay Secrets and Tig! Those pups will be fun to watch this season in the prime of their racing career! My goodness it seems like yesterday they were just yearlings! And Tig….doing her part to teach sled dogs to chase tennis balls and like water! You go girl….keep on practicing that howl!

  • Happy Birthday to the Olivia/Nacho wonderful litter. True Champions
    & Happy Birthday to Tig-Too Cute!

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