It’s not all fun and games around SP Kennel. The lengthy list of projects that need to, ought to or just might get done before winter is endless.

One such task was constructing a new pooper scooper. As you can imagine, such a tool is very well used – so much so, that we were down to just one pooper scooper. With both Aliy and Allen doing the chores this summer… the question became: Who does the dookie patrol?

Well apparently one of them decided that he had done his fair share of pooper duty. So, in order to share the duty (or dookie) he constructed another tool. Aliy would like to say: Thank you so very much for sharing sweetheart!

Allen and Tig construct a new tool; The ‘Tool Shed’

Maybe the new scooper is too shiny to get dirty?!?!

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  • Looks to me as if Tig would like to give it a try!

    Now those are industrial size pooper scoopers!!!




  • Many years ago, someone invented the perfect tool: the SM 3000. Do you remember laughing at him while he cleaned your dog yard?

  • Lol….I must say I loved doing the feeding, watering and yes scooping poop chores! I was super impressed with the industrial sized pooper scooper….it is a nifty tool indeed! There is definitely a technique involved with this task…especially when scooping on the platforms! Nice job Allen….on to the next thing on the long to do list!

  • I ranch sit Alpacas and their pooper scoopers are much smaller! Dont think I could effectively lift one that size if full! Haha. And yes, doing chores is fun Nessmuk, like babysitting, you get to hand it all back when it gets to be too much!

  • His and hers pooper scoops, should paint one red and one black! May be taking togetherness to a whole new level.Enjoy!

  • A very essential bit of equipment. You can do it by baggie with 2 or even 5 but not a whole yard full! Ingenuity is an essential skill for a musher or handler! woof, woof, get 'er done!

  • My first thought was, "Padee will be pleased!" Sure enough, reading above I see she is!

    I personally have plenty of poop from my own yard to scoop and am not as enthusiastic about wanting to contribute to the kennel in that way!

  • Well, all I have to say is the "pooper scooper" worked just fine during our recent visit to SPK!! Although we didn't bring Beemer and Viper with us, it was fun to visit with Scout and Olivia ( as well as all the yard-mates). We had a great time and wish Aliy, Allen and SPKennel a winning season in 2018!!

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