To continue with our philosophy of “The right home for the right dog at the right time”, Sissy and Scooter have retired from their SP Kennel lives and now live together in Ohio with Holly and Tim.

Both gals have tremendous race histories and have contributed significantly to the success of the kennel over their careers. Sissy has four Iditarods, a Yukon Quest and multiple 300 mile races on her CV. Scooter has been down the Iditarod trail five times and three times down the Quest trail and is a Quest Champ! They took their roles seriously and worked hard.

They will also leave a huge personality gap in the kennel. Sissy is a silly, goofy gal with a famous moustache and love of life. Scooter is always happy, wagging her entire body all day long. We’ll miss you Sissy and Scooter!

Sissy and Scooter

Thanks to Jeanne Schnackenberg for sponsoring Scooter throughout her career, Holly and Tim for sponsoring Sissy; and to everyone who joined the ladies’ fan clubs over the years.

Holly and Tim:

Our animal loving family has sponsored Sissy over her race career. We had the opportunity to meet her and her sister, Scooter, twice on Alaska visits. These visits were so special and just stoked our love for both these girls. We dreamed of them coming to our home when they retired but knew time would tell if this was ideal for all of us (From Alaska to Ohio??) We knew our dog, Noodle, would enjoy their coming. He’s a gentle boy who enjoys other dogs and is down to play.

Well, SP family, we’ve witnessed with our own eyes that you can move from Alaska to Ohio and have a dog gone good life. It’s different for sure… but these ladies are game. It’s been so fun to see their personalities up close.

Scooter is very sweet, attentive, and a bit of a shy introvert. She loves her new “kennel house” with SP blanket (underneath the kitchen table). She can watch the kitchen action going on and maybe get a scrap of food if it drops! She greets us with her Scootie wiggle dance and flashes her doe eyes at us. Heart melt.

Sissy is an extrovert. She howls to go for her walks and prances around ready to roll. She is a funny, easy going, goof ball. When we put her in her harness though she becomes absolutely still until we tell her it’s time to go!
Both these ladies love to cuddle… and so do we! Noodle (12) has found new life with Sissy and Scooter. Tim laughs that Noodle probably can’t believe his good fortune, an “older male dog” with two beautiful spirited younger ladies!
Here’s the team (Noodle, Sissy and Scooter) taking on the dreaded squirrels. This is a fun activity while out on the deck.


Future plans- getting a dog powered scooter to go through the parks. Our hunch is Sissy and Scooter would really enjoy this.

It is a wonderful blessing having Sissy and Scooter with us. If any of the SP kennel team is around the Midwest and wants to visit… let us know. We’d love to make it happen. These sisters will be watching Team Black and Team Red closely… cheering all the way!

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  • A heart-warming situation for all of you. I can feel the love coming from Ohio all the way to Virginia! I bet you can feel it in Two Rivers also! A real win, win! Ruth

  • I love these warm stories! Thank you for taking Sissy and Scooter into such a loving home and to SPK for always finding the right home at the right time. They all look happy.

  • Congrats to Sissy and Scooter on their retirement….and congrats to Holly and Tim on getting 2 awesome dogs for Noodle to hunt squirrels with! Its amazing how these dogs adapt to new surroundings…Alaska to Ohio….no problem for the two sisters! So cool they were able to stay together!

    Great to hear you want to start scootering with them! Chemo and "Team Adiorndack" just broke 100 miles yesterday on the ole PawTrek Scooter(after the heat wave finally moved out!). YES….Scooter is destined to scooter…bet she and Sissy will really enjoy it!!!

    So glad to hear their "Life Part II" is off to a great start!

  • Congratulations Holly, Tim, Noodle, Sissy and Scooter. It looks like you all found a happy fit. We will miss seeing Sissy and Scooter so much. They are two very special ladies from SPK! <3

  • Such a sweet story! I love that such care is taken to provide the best home for these wonderful retired atheletes. And Ohio's not so bad….I live there, too! The summers can be hot and humid but the dogs will enjoy fall, winter and spring. Tim and Holly, thank you for bringing Sissy and Scooter to the Buckeye state.

  • Happy Squirrel watching/hunting Sissy and Scooter. The race history for these two gals is awesome. A well deserved retirement. Enjoy your new life with Holly, Tim and Noodle.

  • Lovely story!!!

    Ranger's girls!!! So happy for Ohio to gain 2 such solid 4-legged citizens and making not only 2 legged wonderful sponsors happy, but their 4-legged "mature" guy, too!!!

    And I am especially impressed, although not surprised, to hear that SP Kennel training in the good manners department prevails in new and different surrounding!!!

    All my love to Sissy and Scooter – will miss their personalities and special characteristics, WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!

  • Wonderful story and congrats to Sissy & Scooter on their new life
    together! Thanks to Tim, Holly & Noodle for accepting these great
    SP Dogs into your loving family. Perfect match!

  • So happy these two fine girls have gone to such a good home. I am kind of envious, really! Thanks SPK for taking such special care of each one, exactly right for him or her.

  • Goodbye to happy Scooter and sweet Sissy. I always associated Scooter with happy jumping at whomever passed and Sissy with chewing her dog house to pieces. But I also think of Sissy and Mac both, when I think of the ordeal Aliy went through when the team passed Jeff King along the cosast to Safety.

    When they got to Safety, Sissy was so overcome with the ordeal that Aliy put her next to Mac for safety and reassurances. All of the dogs knew how close they were to the edge, but Sissy especially was sensitive to how really awful it was. I wondered at her sensitivity, maybe she sensed the distress in Jeff's dogs and Jeff himself.

    Happy, happy that both girls have a new man in their lives and a wonderful home.

  • What a great story, happy for Sissy, Scooter, Noodle, Holly, & Tim. SPK picks the right place to retire their dogs. Enjoy your days together!

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