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  • Prayers answered!! Please don't go off adventuring on your own again Scruggs! Glad you are safe!!!! And thanks to the kind gal who helped him out!!


  • Oh Scruggs, what an adventure you must have had!! This is such wonderful news. A big thank you to the lovely young woman who found and returned him. Prayers answered!!

  • YAHOO!!! Scruggs…OMG Im SO happy!!! Today is a great day….Barb can once again be happy and Scruggs is safe!

    Chemo says "Dear Uncle Scruggs, next time you get spooked its best to run TO you Forever Home Mom….she will protect you….just like Elizabeth and Mary Beth do for me about the evil ceiling fan"!

  • What wonderful news to wake up to!! You all must be over the moon with joy and relief. So happy and thankful with you. Thank you Lord for answering prayers.

  • Wow! New nothing about Scruggs disappearance till reading the posts
    on the "Follow the Leader"! Thanks so much to the lady that found
    him and Barbara for all her efforts. Not easy for everyone. So HAPPY
    that he was found and safe! Hugs to Scruggs!!!!! Get some sleep Barb!

  • YES YES YES and a million times more!!!

    All the things I was imagining in doggie literary lore as well as movies about it build upon Scruggs' "adventure." He picked out the cutest girl and engaged her in some really lovely conversation…

    This is where the tri-color look and his grandpa's heritage as well as sister Ms. Olivia fame helped!!! EVERYBODY in AK knows Scruggs, ole blue eyes


    All the best to Scruggs!!!

  • Scruggs, if only you could talk. I'm sure you have a tale to tell. We are so relieved you are safe and sound. Checking the SP Kennel blog was the first thing and last thing I did every day, hoping for this happy ending. Sleep well Barb, Allen and Aliy now that Scruggs is safe!

  • Glad that he is back. If only we could understand his language. What an adventure. You all probably lost a lot of sleep, while he was out there visiting the ladies…..you know he did…
    God Bless

  • So thankful for answered prayers and a happy ending. Too bad it wasn't winter in rural Alaska. I'm sure Barb would have gladly have paid for stolen turkeys just to be able to follow his progress and know he was still safe. Guess he took all those stories of what it means to be an SPKENNEL dog to heart.


    Woo-Hooooo! Scruggs you wild man, you STAY WITH YOUR SPK 2-LEGGEDS!!!!! Sooooooo relieved.

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