People often ask “What do your dogs do in the summertime?” That’s an easy answer here at SP Kennel because we are not a working sled dog kennel in the summer months. There are no cart rides, no simulated sled runs, no pulling the ATV four wheeler, no treadmill days, no glacier sled rides. Allen, Aliy and the entire human and canine crew take a three month ‘off-season’. The full blown Mushing Season starts soon enough, on September 1.

So the answer is pretty simple:
SP Kennel dogs act like ‘normal’ dogs in the summertime. They take naps in the sunshine, play a lot, then they take more naps. They go on dog walks and trot around the yard peeing their favorite, no so favorite and least favorite bushes. They go on bike rides. Some dogs like to swim; some don’t.

They also have their chew toys and bones. Every dog has at least one chew toy, but most have a collection. Five has five toys – it only seemed logical. (His pile pictured to the left.)

This summer the dogs have voted and their favorite chew toy is without a doubt a big red Kong. Everyone one seems to loves the Kongs. To be honest, the toys are surprisingly tough. In one month the dogs have only semi demolished 25% of them. The Kongs are also fun because they bounce around the dog yard without intent. In other words, as the dogs wrestle and play with the Kongs, they also unintentionally toss them to their neighbor or distant kennel mate – this “sharing” depends on how enthusiastically the original dog was playing. We’ve seen a Kong shoot across the yard when Ernie jumped on it! Mismo tends to keep his Kong to himself. Sanka often tosses her Kong to Tinder. Scooby keeps his Kong in his mouth 99% of the time – even while barking! His muffled bark sounds like his cartoon namesake’s trademark howl….. “Scooby Doobie Doo!

Mismo says “Check out my Kong!”

BEAN: “Barista tries to tear up her Kong.“; “Sanka examines her Kong.

The second favorite chew toy of the summer is the small tire ring. These toys are not quite as indestructible – 30% have been demolished. But, some dogs consider them ‘the best’ and trot around with a tire in their mouth. Outlaw thinks it’s the perfect fit!

BEAN: “Outlaw says “Give me a tire any day!”

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  • Kongs are awesome! The only thing other than elk antlers that a Labrador Retriever cannot destroy.

    Laine Family


    Classic dog toy for classic doggies!!!

    Such fun.

    Glad to hear about the courses offered in the SP Kennel syllabus for racing dogs (required subjects list) – treadmill work sounds like a good idea to build muscle and stamina!!!

    And best of all it is only another month till training starts…


  • Love this! And of course Five deserves five!! My Tobi loves her "kong-kong" as we call it here in Erie, PA. Fun post, thank you.

  • What did we do before Kong's were invented!?! Our dogs love the unpredictable bounce of a Kong…SPK dogs look like they are enjoying their time off…enjoy…training season is right around the corner!

  • My Sky has a Kong with a rope (which I replace very often). She throws the Kong, chews on the Kong, and her favorite is to twirl it around her head as fast as possible for as many minutes as possible.

    I am so glad to see the whole SP Gang getting R&R that every athlete deserves.

  • Yes, I got to observe first hand how much the SPK dogs enjoy their Kong's & tire rings. Enjoy your remaining summer days!

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