Tinder, Decaf and Bean went to the creek last week. They were completely committed to the game “Follow the Leader” with Tinder as their leader. Wherever he went, they followed without hesitation. Poor little Bean was always in the rear. But… she never gave up the chase.

BEAN: “Hey guys… Wait up!“; “Ohhh, tail in my face! I can’t see.

BEAN: “Oh crumb, I see water!“; “Wait for me Decaf! Wait…

BEAN: “Oh boy! Cannonball!

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  • Go Bean!!! LOVE the cannonball picture…looks like this group sure doesnt mind some water to splash through! Way to lead em Tinder!

  • Bummer about Scruggs…keeping the faith he will be found! Maybe he would follow Tinder home like Decaf and Bean! Cute pics…nice to see husky pups liking water!

  • I hope Scruggs is found. I had a feral ex-racer once who disappeared for 2 days. I was inconsolable. I drove and hiked and biked and yelled his name until I had no voice…for days. Friends even took off work to join the search and rescue. Days off work, flyers everywhere, every law enforcement officer in my county knew the story. And even the adjacent counties. It was the end of my world. Vehicle? Bear? Trap? But then he showed up. Like a gift from the universe. I don't question anything. I am so very thankful he came back. And he lived another 6 years until he left this world in his sleep at an old age. Dogs get loose and get lost and get wild. I never would have known this had it not happened to me. The dogs and I are hanging in the basement in NE MN. It (finally) got hot here. I love SPK. Thank you for sharing your lives.

  • I also love other SPK readers! thank you Sunny. I have been holding my breath. Concentrated helpful wishes for a good outcome are flowing your way, for everyone concerned. Also I will take time off if you need me, and fly right up…

  • Beautiful series "follow the leader" SPLASH pix!!!

    The reflections of each dog as they approach entering the water are priceless!!!

    And Bean is trying out for CANNONBALL status!!!



    P.S. Can't get enough of these wonderful fun records!!!

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