Everybody loves Nacho!

We have been saying for years that he is the epitome of an All Star so we figured it was about time it was made official. The perfect day to celebrate Nacho’s SP K Status is today, Father’s Day.

Nacho has won the Yukon Quest twice, he’s been Iditarod runner up three times and is a multiple Copper Basin Champ. He is father to some of our most talented current athletes, is as tough as they come and is also one of the happiest dogs there ever has been!
Congratulations Nacho on your induction into the SP Kennel All Stars Hall of Fame!

Nacho far left. Photo: Sebastian Schnuelle

Nacho was one of five pups born 11 years ago on June 12, 2006 to SP Kennel star Venus and Lance Mackey’s Zorro. Phenomenal blood lines can look great on paper but sometimes don’t emerge in practice but with Nacho and his siblings, their potential was realised, and then some!!

In fact, he is such a huge part of this kennel his likeness is immortalised in our kennel logo. Ten years ago Nacho had “that special look” that caught everyone’s eye.

When racing, he brought determination and a huge work ethic. He was low maintenance, drama free, and got on with his job happily. He could run next to anyone and in any position on the team… the perfect dog.

In Aliy’s 2012 Iditarod Trail Notes she described him as:
Nacho was happy from start to finish. His silly antics made me smile. Nacho is an amazing sled dog. During this race, he was powerful, dedicated and confident. I watched Nacho race the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod, back to back, and never lose his smile.

In Aliy’s 2014 Iditarod Trail Notes she described him as:
Nacho once again was the ‘back up man’. He was always one step behind Quito and usually ran together with Chica. These three siblings are unstoppable. Nacho always keeps a little pep in his step, even after hundreds of miles. This energizes me, as well as the rest of the team. He is a wonderful dog.

Nacho looks like he’s in lead, but he is actually in swing with Chica – Quito is in single lead coming into the Safety Checkpoint. Photo: Dr. Al Hallman

Nacho has 21 offspring right now at the kennel and many of them are currently, or will be, mega stars in their own right. They are talented and personable, just like their papa. When you look through our Dog Page you can easily be overwhelmed by the “Nacho Puppies”.

Nacho third row on left. Photo: Donna Dewhurst

Nacho is a happy, happy dog! He is friendly to all he meets will give you a big fuzzy hug at any opportunity. He has a lot of fans from all around the world. Often times when Moira is asked why she keeps coming back to Alaska and whether it was because she has a boyfriend there, she says “Yes, his name is Nacho”.

At 11 years old Nacho is now a bit slower than his famous sister Quito and much slower than the main Racers. His gait has never been smooth! Aliy says he looks like a raccoon loping across a picnic table. Although he was never a main leader during the bulk of his racing career, last season he led most of the time so that he could set the pace ~ usually 7 or 8 mph. Slow and steady will also get it done!

Nacho and Olivia are currently living together in ‘The Plaza’ an outdoor pen built by Aliy’s dad, Doug, last summer. It is a cozy pen directly off the kennel’s main house.

Olivia sunbathes whereas Nacho prefers the Lazy-Boy in their pen: ‘The Plaza’.

Check out this “getting to know you” video from four years ago:

Video from April 2013

We have a saying here at SP Kennel: “He’s Nacho dog, he’s my dog“. Of course when its said with an Arkansas accent it sounds much better: “He’s naught yo dawg, he’s ma dawg!

Happy Father’s Day Nacho – you are AMAZING.

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  • Happy Father's Day Nacho. AND Congratulations on officially joining the SPK All Stars! You are an amazing dog. Hugs.

  • Nachoooo! Happy boy. Happy father's day to all dad's at SPK! Great bunch of Lads, Allen included!
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Awwww. Love this: "He's naught yo dawg, he's ma dawg!"
    I always assumed (yes,i know not to do that)the logo dog was Skunk. Thanks for setting me straight!
    Happy Fathers Day Nacho!

  • Congrats Nacho and Happy Fathers Day to all the SP Kennel Dads! Interesting fact about the SPK Logo…..I also always assumed that was Skunk! Nacho certainly is well represented in the Dog Yard, thats for sure! LOL….naught yo dawg…I can hear Allen right now!

    PS: I see Nacho's red ball followed him to the Plaza! Good dog!!

  • Congratulations on you induction. I've been wondering when it would happen. 🙂

    Happy Father's Day to Nacho, Allen and all the other wonderful Papas at SPK!

  • Bless his sweet, strong canine heart! He is a phenomenal dog and such a key figure in SPK. He and Olivia have produced some wonderful pupsters so it is fitting they can enjoy a peaceful retirement together. If ever a pair deserved to 'rest on their laurels' it is those two!! Wishing them a well-earned time of peace and comfort as they wind down. Thank you SPK for the way you honor and protect your dogs; they cannot all be retired rock stars but I know you find the best solution for each one whenever the right time comes. Like Wedgie's new mom is a FB friend and I'm following her new life with joy.

  • Love the plaza and love Nacho "Happy Fathers Day " from Denali 🐾🐾 and Joanne 🇦🇺

  • Happy Belated Father's Day to Nacho and all the Dad's at SPK.
    Nacho is an amazing dog–his induction is well deserved. I like
    the Arkansas accent. Happy Father's Day Allen!

  • Nacho, you're the Father, the man, the one. Love to you! And those are some nice digs you've got with the divine Miss O.


  • P.S. Oh, forgot to comment on "The Plaza" that is marvelous! Doug,
    you are really talented! Very, Very Nice!

  • Ah yes, "The Plaza" – so elegant for Ms. Olivia, and Mr. Nacho is enjoying his version of The Oak Room, too!!!

    FWIW, if you watch the classic movie "North-by-Northwest" early on you get to see the The Real Plaza Hotel!

  • I became very nostalgic reading this post .. What an amazing threesome those siblings were and I am glad to see Nacho settling into his new role – Senior Dude

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