Summer solstice is an amazing time in Interior Alaska. The midnight sun allows everyone to enjoy outdoor activities all day and all night long. Visitors to Alaska often do not know night from day. The Fairbanks Downtown Association holds the Midnight Sun Festival every year on the streets downtown. Allen and Aliy went to the Festival on Sunday and joined the Verizon gang at their tent.

Allen, Aliy and Scruggs brought a racing sled to Downtown Fairbanks on Sunday.

Many vendors and public service associations have booths. Probably the most popular was the enormous Fire Truck and extended rescue ladder. But, Yukon Quest Champion and Iditarod Sled Dog, Scruggs, was rather popular as well. Of the over 10,000 people enjoying the Festival, we figure Mr. Scruggs greeted a fair percentage of them!

There was quite a crowd at the Festival.

Scruggs was the most popular besides the enormous Firetruck. But he usually kisses back.

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  • Wonderful Celebration! Scruggs and those beautiful blue eyes. Needless
    to say his mama was the late ChaCha. Amazing dog with amazing blood

  • Happy Summer Solstice everyone!!! Its dark here now in the Adirondacks at 10:00 pm…I envy Alaska and their midnight sun!!! Enjoy!!! Scruggs looks like he was having a great time…..good boy!


    Thanks so much for the post – lookin' good, SP Kennel, 2 & 4 legged divisions!!!




  • Thank you Verizon for sponsoring our teams! This is such a great scene. Fairbanks Rocks.

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