Happy Mothers’ Day to you all, whether your children are human or not!

To celebrate let’s take a quick look back at some of our mothers being mothers.

Chica and her Five puppies

Five minutes with Five puppies

Olivia and her Fire Litter

Big O and the Fire Litter at three weeks

Quito with her Golf Litter

Quito and her Latinos

Video of the Latinos at one week old

Quito and her Golden Harnesses

Quito and her Olympics

7 Responses

  • Oh how sweet for Mother's Day – nice to see "puppies" who are now the main team – or at least part of the competitive athletes now all grown up!!!


    Thanks so much for sharing, and I am sure we all are on the edge of our computer chairs awaiting news of the next bunch of pups summer 2017!!!


  • GREAT Mothers Day post of all the awesome SPK Moms through the years…great genetics and LOTS of offspring to watch carry on! That Fire Litter was quite abundant wasnt it….my goodness Olivia…my goodness!!! You have all done so well! Happy Mothers Day SPK!!!

  • Very nice. Everyone needs 5 minutes of puppies every day. A recommended daily allowance.

    Steve Laine

  • Happy Mothers Day To All the SP Moms. What Great Ones! I'm thinking
    Olivia this year–will see. It will be good whomever it is!! These
    pictures are the best.

  • Love the puppies and the special joy of seeing them grow up and become VIDs in the SPK teams. Eager to hear who will be the newest or the current year's SPK mom. The older mamas perhaps are ready to retire to being grandmas but many daughters are coming along… And all the puppies are precious!!

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