This year, as with many other years, Aliy carried a hand held video camera to capture sections of the trail she wanted to share with you all.

In this video, the last in the series, the team is climbing Little McKinley towards Golovin Bay. You will see how hard everyone is working, and hear as Aliy ski-poles to help the team along (she has the camera on a mount on the handlebar).

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  • Man…that is one LONG uphill!! It was cool to hear Aliy helping the Team by ski poling along with them….man what a climb!! When they finally crested the "hill" you could see the transition on their tug lines….a collective "ahhhh" and "yeah we did it!"!' BTW…I'm always impressed to see a sled dog poop on the run…my goodness….climbing a mountain while doing a bodily function…sled dogs never cease to amaze me!! GOOD DAWGS!

  • Beautiful video! It is so amazing, how ALL of your Dawgs, respond to your voice. They truly know that you are their supreme leader, and awesome caretaker. What a view!. Closest way to imagine, what it would look like, if you were traveling across the surface of the moon.

    Thank you SO very much for sharing.

  • Amazing.

    Thanks ever so much for this one and the rest of the series plus all you do for your fans!!!



  • Fantastic video. Thank you so much! I will return to this one often. Golovin Bay is beautiful. Such a great panoramic landscape. The best part is when you stopped to give the dogs a "good job" pat for their hard work. They loved it. Driver is a big strong boy running right along next to his brother, right in the middle of the pack. Awesome!

  • What surprised me was the speed you had, even going up a steep climb. They are powerful! When Aliy said we were looking at Golovin Bay, I had to stop the video to see it more clearly. At first I thought it was part of the Plateau. What an amazing view.

  • What a workout Aliy, you have great stamina ski polling along with the dogs on that climb. My arms were turning to jello just listening to your continued push, whew! Great job, great team!!

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