Aliy and Allen are back onboard the Denali Wilderness Express Railroad adventure ride. Cruise ships guests board the luxury train at the Port in Whittier. Then they travel 10 hours north – through Turnagain Arm, across the Susitna Valley, and into the Alaska Range Mountains. The ride ends at the Denali National Park Railroad Depot.

The Mushers jump onboard just prior to Hurricane Gultch – a small flag stop depot southeast of the Alaska Range – and ride for approximately 2 1/2 hours. The train carries anywhere between 450 and 600 passengers. Aliy and Allen entertain all of the guests with their personal mushing stories. They also pass out postcard handouts (Schmoe and Chemo are the SuperStars on the handout this season.) Plus, a dozen lucky passengers receive SP Kennel souvenir t-shirts.

This train route only runs a couple days of the week from mid May until mid September.


Here is the front of the handout postcard that we are giving about 15,000 Princess and Holland America guests.

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  • Beautiful photos of both team and musher!!!

    Thanks so much for the update!!!

    All the best for a summer of relaxation for the 4-legged team members and hoping the 2-legged team members can enjoy themselves in the…yes, sunshine!!!

    Yesterday when I checked, it looked as if temperatures in CT and Two Rivers were pretty close to the same!!!


  • That must be a gorgeous train ride…its cool you get to reach out to SO many people at one time…what a treat for folks to see and hear from the very BEST in the sport! Love the picture….Chemo and Schmoe pretending to be in lead!

  • Alaska is such a wonderful and beautiful State! Glad Allen & Aliy
    are getting out to tell there stories. Lucky people on the train!
    Picture was Great of the SP Team!

  • Fantastic photo that captures the excitement of racing quite well. In fact, even I in Florida am feeling kind of lost without races to follow. My "refresh" finger has atrophied.

    Have a great summer!

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