This year, as with many other years, Aliy carried a hand held video camera to capture sections of the trail she wanted to share with you all.

In this video, the fifth in the series, we see three different sections of the trail between Shaktoolik to Koyuk. You will get to see up close, the Shelter Cabin we often talk about, and get to experience a little wind!

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  • WOW!!!

    Spectacular video so well done with a steady hand at the same time keeping the team moving forward in the face of awesome LOUD winds!!!

    And a special thanks for close up of a "shelter cabin" (looks to be very tidy)

    What a terrific series of video scenes – the colors and sky and snow and now real-life wind sounds, as mentioned…thanks again!!! WOOF!!!

  • Thank you for the video. It's amazing that you think of us while on the trail. Enjoy the off season. Looking forward to next year!

  • So that is the shelter cabin on the lil spit before heading out onto the sea ice….well placed safety if needed! I see the team went "on by" and out onto the ice no problem! I recall a race a few years back where the Teams were stacked up at the shelter…that wind can be quite the deterrent at times! Almost to Nome Red Team….keep on Trekking!

  • In my mind's eye, the height of the peninsula was not so great and the cabin facing the sea instead of having a good facing on the lee side.

    As you went across the ice, my eyes focused continuously to the shore in the distance. I know I would be counting the minutes until I was once again on shore – very spooky in a way the Yukon is night. Although as wide as it is, it should be just as overwhelming, I reckon.

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