Our final sponsor event before the big day was a fun, family orientated event with the Verizon Wireless team in Anchorage.

Verizon employees and their families all came together to send off our two teams into the wild. Aliy and Allen told some stories and showed a few videos before we all shared a meal and some fellowship with our newest “Lead Dog” sponsor family.

Verizon’s “Better Matters” philosophy fits so well with ours and we are happy to have them on board with the kennel. Thank you to the whole team for your support, Aliy and Allen will take it down the trail with them.

A good luck howl!


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  • Thanks Verizon for your support of SPK! Been with Verizon for at
    least 15 yrs. and your the Best!
    Go Red & Black!!

  • Verizon is better. Have a "howling" good time along the trail, Aliy and Allen with SPK dogs. Get to Nome first!

  • Thanks so much for this adorable couple of pix!!!

    What a marvelous before and after corporate set photo – and so appropriate for your sponsor of cell phone network communication where there are no poles or underground utilities…

    Presently howling with you back here in the woods of Weston CT!!!


  • FWIW – I believe Quito as answering Ruth's question ("What is this picture about, Quito?")

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