One of our Iditarod traditions is to take a couple of dogs and a few of the crew to the Matson Shipping office at the Port of Anchorage to say hello. Today Allen, Junior, Quito, Chris and Ruth met with the team down there and had a fun, social time.

Matson (formerly Horizon Lines) has been sponsoring SP Kennel for more than 10 years and as Aliy says: “They were with me when I came in 40th and are still with me now. They’ve been with us through thick and thin”. We appreciate the team and enjoy being associated with Matson.

Chris and Junior discuss the route; What’s in your pocket? Got Snacks?

All photos by Rebecca Tucker


5 Responses

  • That is so wonderful to see Quito and Junior, so mature they are able to handle the P.R. assignment just days away from Iditarod XLV!!!

    Quito still looks her glamorous self!!!


    Thanks so much for this up close view of your stars!!!

    Best always,


  • Thanks Chris for the look at the map for Junior–so cute!
    Thanks Matson for your support of these fabulous dogs. We
    fans are proud also. Go SPK!!

  • Junior was memorizing the trail Chris was showing her, good dog. Thanks Matson for sponsoring the best kennel in the world. Quito still is an awesome looking dog.

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