Congrats to Debbie Gunter who is a fan of Rodney and Augustana Women’s Basketball who are fans of Quito

Rodney is a rock star. He just finished 8th in the Iditarod as a two year old. His stand out feature is his appetite which is one of the most important traits for a sled dog. Good boy Rodney!

Quito led the Black Team in the Iditarod Ceremonial Start but sat out the big race. She is the best dog in the world and her kids are proving themselves to be worthy successors.

You both win a signed Iditarod poster plus a photo print portrait of your dog along with a few other kennel goodies. We hope you enjoy your packets!

Keep an eye out for the next random draw. Everyone who has joined by the time of the draw and hasn’t already won will be in to win!

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6 Responses

  • Love Rodney and those adorable ears!! He is just so cute. (Did he get them from his daddy?) I will love all the Surfivers until they each retire. Such special pups!

  • Congrats to winners with 2 legs and to their 4-legged buddies!!!

    Loved seeing Rodney's Daddy Clyde in wheel again!!! Woof!!! A chip off the old block!!! Go Rodney!!!

    And Queen Quito – what can we say about her awesomeness??? WOOF!!!

  • Congrats Debbie and Augustana Womens B Ball for being fan club winners!!! You can't go wrong with Quito and Rodney! Enjoy your prizes!

  • These dogs really are worthy. We adopted Chica last year upon her retirement. Quito is her sister, and Rodney is her son. The team racing photo that is the background of the SP blog shows brother Nacho on the left, sister Quito in lead in the center, and Chica on the right. Their pups are the present and future of SP Kennel. Great athletes with great personalities, all due to the high ethics and excellent care of Allen and Aliy. Don and Leslie

  • Best prizes in the world for fans of one of the most amazing dogs, and her amazing nephew.

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