To mark the end of the racing season we did a quadruple Dog Fan Club Draw.

Congrats to Teresa Clark, Schmoe’s fan, Jan Andersson, a fan of Olivia, Helen Gross who is a fan of Sanka, and Candace Korasick who is a fan of Cayenne.

Schmoe and Olivia

Schmoe is so enthusiastic, you can count on him to have a chat with you, whether he’s lying on his dog house or running down the trail. Olivia is, quite simply, a superstar. There is nothing she cannot do: she’s a media darling, supermom, Quest Champion, Iditarod runner-up and a happy, fun dog to have around.

Sanka and Cayenne

Sanka has a very promising career in front of her as she and her Coffee siblings and Golden Harness cousins head into their first season as “racing dogs”. Cayenne is gorgeous! She so enjoys playing in the yard with her neighbour boys Scooby, Mismo and Scout, often racing around in circles interacting with all three at the same time.

You all win signed copies of both the Yukon Quest and Iditarod Race Guides plus a photo print portrait of your dogs, along with a few other kennel goodies. We hope you enjoy your packets.

We will do a final End of Season draw on March 31st. Everyone who has joined by the time of the draw and hasn’t already won will be in to win!

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3 Responses

  • Congrats to all the winners in all things! I just returned from Ak with students. My students took a picture of me with Aliy in it at the Musher's Banquet and now I feel like a winner too. I can't speak when I see Aliy and Allen – I am so in awe, a regular fan girl. What a great team, SPK! Thanks so much for all the joy you give us.

  • Thank you Thank you! I love Schmoe! And Olivia, and Cayenne, and Sanka, and Bruno, and Chena, and Mismo, and Prata, and….,, oh heck! I love them all! Thank you SP Kennel for allowing us into your world. You all make us feel a part of your adventurous and interesting mushing lives.

    Teresa Clark

  • Wow…a quadruple fan club draw!! And look at those prizes!! SPK sure knows how to make this fun!! Congrats to all of the winners…you all are backing some super SPK Sled Dogs! Can't wait to see what Sanka and Cayanne can do next season….and of course we all know what Schmoe and Olivia have been proving all these years….SPK is home of the best sled dogs ever!!

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