Why do they…? How do they…? What the…?

Anyone who has ever asked “How do you get the dogs to run?” should watch this video. The answer? “They just do”.

Aliy and Ruth took the Olympic puppies for their first run in harness on Friday and they pulled from the moment the sled left the kennel to the moment they got back. It is always so exciting to see a puppy’s inherent desire to pull without any instruction or practice.

Quito, Waylon, Nacho, Olivia, Biscuit and Nutmeg provided some experience up the front and looked just as excited as the pups!

We run the pups without neck lines for the first time to see what they do; to get an idea of what’s on their mind. A neck line will often mask that. Later on, early next season, as they start learning trail manners we will periodically put neck lines on them to help them make the right decision with passing teams or crossing other trails.

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  • It is amazing! Needless to say the experience of the rest and even
    Nutmeg. Fantastic! SUPERSTARS!

  • Thank you! This made my afternoon. Beautiful day, gorgeous pups and beautiful people.

  • I love this time of year….just when we start feeling some withdrawals, SPK puts the puppies in harness and the world is upright again…..the future is in each stride of these young pups….look at them…they just know what to do!! It puts a smile on my face seeing Nutmeg and Biscuit in there too…thanks so much for sharing!!

  • Susan and Kelley said it all! I can't stop smiling and thinking about all the fun days ahead.


  • Just beautiful…the entire video. The old teaching the young, just as it should be. So much fun lies ahead. Can't wait to see these beauties develop and fine tune their skills.

  • I absolutely loved this video….seeing the "little ones" run for the very first time–ever! And you're so right: they just seemed to know what to do! Amazing!! I had to watch this video three times…just to see the beautiful Two Rivers scenery, listen to the crunch of the snow on the trail and, of course, to see the pups run. Not only have I loved following you, but I also continue to learn so much about the sport.

    SP Kennel, you're the best!

  • awesome! awesome! awesome! 1 for each pup. thanks so much for sharing the Olympians' first run in harness! this season may be over but we got a glimpse of the future.

  • What an absolutely gorgeous Spring day in Alaska!

    Other than the head turn occasional check in with the musher, the puppies look like pros on their first run.

    It's awesome to see all the personalities and how they respond to you, Aliy.

    I hope your snow lasts for weeks and you have the chance to get out and really enjoy yourself.

  • Oh MY! they did so well. SO darn well. Happy pups and Nutty loved it too! fun to hear your and Ruth's reaction to their ability so naturally. Prata funny girl looking back so much.. they all ran so in tune with Nutmeg and Biscuit. I cant wait to congratulate them. Sled Doggies now.
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Thanks for great video. Puppies what a fun trip down the trail. Thanks Gold for your fan club packet, it came today(full of wonderful goodies)!!

  • Oh one big WOW! Love it. Those babies are definitely born to run and already more dog than puppy. Sweet lil Prata–my pet here, and she is going to do well!! Thanks so much for this! They are all mama Quito's kids and hopefully some daddy in there too.

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