Congrats Bridgett and the R&Bs!

At the starting line

Here are some thoughts from Bridgett about her stellar team:

Chena ran in lead the whole race – she is excellent. Chemo is great too but set a slower pace so he was moved back in a in a team position and was most powerful in the hills.

Chipper was as sassy as a dog can possibly be and ran in lead a lot including coming across the finish line in lead. Lydia was the most driven dog and also ran lead but looked to her sister Chena for the all the commands.

Topkok Shelter Cabin, Climbing the Topkok hills

Amber ran in single swing and was the cheerleader. Nomex can spot any kind of cabin, critter or snow machine from a far distance. He is the most aware was what’s going on and would tell me when we were coming upon anything.

Iron and Driver – the Big Boys – are awesome. When you tickle Iron’s belly he will roll over for a scratch. Driver is truly a sweetheart.

Outlaw and Clyde are tough and strong and you can tell why they win races. Willie has a heart of Gold – what a good boy.”

Chipper and Chena led over the line

Thanks to Kami for capturing some of this action.

All the dogs are now on their way back to the kennel having flown out of Nome this morning. Allen was in Anchorage to meet them and drive them home. Bridgett stays one more night to attend the Banquet and Prize giving.

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  • This is so very cool. Fantastic video! I wondered what the Topkok Cabin looked like. I have been a fan of Iron for 3 years (I think?) but I may need to add Driver to the fan list. I love seeing those two brothers run together. Such great comments on all the dogs. Sounds like you had a great time and a good run with these babies, Bridgett. Safe travels home Allen and pups.

  • Awesome race and report Bridgett!!!

    Thanks so very much!!!


    Glad Chena did so well for you in lead, her sponsors,

    Alfred and Margaret Wirtenberg

  • Watched you all the way Bridgett. Great Job With Happy Dogs!
    I also like Clyde & Willie-Good Ole Boys!
    Thanks SPK for the info & video.

  • Ditto on tracking you the whole way, Bridgett. Good mom break, but I bet you are looking forward to seeing the kiddos!

    Congratulations to Stephanie as well. She has stick-to-it-ness for a relative newcomer to Nome.

    Bridgett, I am impressed that you could hop on the dog team without having trained regularly for so many years and do what you did with them. I realize it was not a race to outshine the competition so much as to enjoy the dogs and the setting, but to move as fast as you did and set such a strong pace all the way along – mighty skilled there.

  • It sounds like some wonderful teamwork!

    I love the video, and getting a little more insight into Bridgett and their week in Nome.
    My favorite part was Bridgett enjoying the sun out with the team.

    Thank you for the excellent wrap up.
    I'm sure the dogs wish they could do it every year.
    Thank you Bridgett, and to your loved ones for letting you take the time.

  • That was a fun race to watch! Nice to see what the Topkok shelter looks like….funny Nomex is the eagle eye of the group. I watched the finish video on Bridgett's Facebook page….great stories and super cool she saw foxes, moose, ravens and otter (tracks)! Sounds like "our" Chemo continues to be the steady leader when speed isn't as important…..good boy! I'm really impressed with Irons season….wow!! That boy deserves as many belly rubs as he wants! Good boy Iron! They all did fantastic….maybe Bridgett will race this one every year since she now has a championship to defend! Well done SPK R&Bs!


    Upon listening and watching again (and again), I am in awe of what a wonderful family of two and four legged athletes SP Kennel is. And how fortunate we are to share its experiences mushing!!!

    Thanks again everyone – Bridgett, Chemo, Chena, Chipper, Lydia, Amber, Iron, Driver, Outlaw, Clyde and Willie – and the Nome Kennel Club – for this very special treat!!!

    WOOF WOOF WOOF!!! Doggies trained at long distance kicked up their heels!

    I especially liked sharing the straw with the blondies!

    A great video edit, too, (so professional at editing – WOOF) SP Kennel video team!!!

  • Beautiful dogs and awesome run! Congrats to Bridgett and the R&B's of Skunk's Place Kennel. I totally enjoyed running "behind" you guys! What a magical trip. Thank you for entering, otherwise the race would have been cancelled.
    Stephanie Johnson, Bib #2
    Nome Council 200

  • Cant wait to hear about the other adventure trips around Nome Bridgett. Way to go, I cant wait till you rotate to Musher/mom.
    Doggies had a Howwwllling good time too.
    Padee Fairbanks

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