Congratulations to Bridgett, Chemo, Chena, Amber, Chipper, Lydia, Nomex, Driver, Iron, Willie, Outlaw and Clyde!

They crossed the finish line in Nome in first place. We’re so proud of you all.

We will get more details to you as soon as we have some.

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  • Awesome!! Welcome to Nome for the second time this season!! Can't wait to hear the details!! Nicely done Bridgett and the R&Bs!!

  • We know it was tough, but you did it, lol.

    Most of all, I'm thinking what lucky dogs that Bridgett was willing to get them back out there on that Iditarod trail so soon.

    I'm hoping we get to see more of Bridgett.

  • I just watched Dwayne Beals' You Tube from the finish line. Bridgett and the pups looked good! It sounds like she had an experience lol..what a great attitude! Her "mom" phone call was too cute. Congratulations Bridgett!

    • Her stories about the trail were amazing! I am always impressed when a finisher takes the time, and still has enough energy left even, to cheerfully share the experience with those at the finish line. Thanks for all the joy you have brought us this week, Bridgett and congratulations again on a race well run! <3

  • Thanks so much sled dog video guy – what an awesome thing to see and hear from Bridgett at the finish line!!!

    The so many different animals seen and the stories were fantastic – looks like the fox is the animal most interested in mushing.*

    At least on the Iditarod!!!

    Best regards,


    * = What's with foxes? Aliy's fox story from the Award Dinner was so entertaining – explaining how the Red Team regained 8th position!!!

  • Glad she had such a great race and it sure sounds (Dwayne's video) like she had lots of fun in spite of now needing a haircut. The phone call to the boys was cute and all the animal stories made me smile. How great that she got to have this experience. If you ever need an alternate mascot for the kennel may I suggest a fox? What a great end to the mushing season.

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