Just as you thought the racing season was over… Bridgett will be taking a team of SP Kennel athletes on the Nome Kennel Club’s Nome – Council race!

The race starts in Nome this Friday night or Saturday morning (depending on the weather) and the trail takes the teams through Safety towards White Mountain before hanging a HAW to Council. They then return back to Nome the way they came. It provides an opportunity for the dogs “experience the Topkok Hills and the Bering Sea coast, to run a section of the historic All Alaska Sweepstakes Trail, and visit the historic community of Council.

Bridgett knows the area well having lived in Nome for several years.

11 Iditarod finishers (who were all chomping at the bit a day or two after finishing the race): Chemo, Chena, Outlaw, Clyde, Chipper, Amber, Iron, Driver, Lydia, Willie and Nomex are hanging out in Nome for an extra week with Bridgett and get to add this race to their resumes.

Follow along on the trackers at nomefix.com and we will try to keep you updated as we follow along from the kennel.

We’re excited for this team to finish off their racing season with something a bit different. For more info about each athlete click here to take you to the race roster.

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