The Team left the Council Checkpoint after an 8 hour rest. They will now travel back the trail that they took to arrive. This is now the SAME direction that the Iditarod teams go – of course this is super training for all the future Iditarod racers on the team. The dogs (and mushers) get more excited the closer they get to the finish.

Of course we are keeping an eye on the Blowhole and wind conditions at Johnson’s Camp. All morning the wind has been very calm. Keep your paws crossed.

Here is a video from 2013 Iditarod of Aliy and the Red Team mushing on the western coast, you will see and hear the wind.

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  • YES…Paws crossed for sure!!! Go R&B Team!! AWESOME training for next year!

    Man, that video was a blast from the past…..made me want to re-visit all the 2013 Iditarod posts…what a steller Team that was back then…Quito, Biscuit, Beemer, Rambler, Dingle….wow!! And that is a gorgeous section of trail….thanks for sharing AND for the reminder how some AWESOME SPK atheletes have been on this exact trail….may the future of SPK follow in the footsteps of those who trotted this way before them…how awesome is that!! GO Brigett and the R&B Team….doing us SPK Fans proud!

  • A question it says this race is a qualifier for the iditerod . Is Bridgett planning on running the Iditerod in 2018 ?

    Go Bridgett

  • Bridgett must be living her dream to be racing to Nome with a fantastic team of experienced dogs. You go girl!! I hope the dogs aren't disappointed that the crowd welcoming them to Nome this time probably won't be quite as large and boisterous as a couple of weeks ago. 🙂

    Congratulations to everyone.


  • Just checked in to look at the tracker and was excited to see Bridgett just 5 or 6 miles from the finish. So awesome! Way to go Bridgett and four legged team members.

    The Western Coast of Alaska fascinates me. Very nice video with very nice music. Beautiful landscape.

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