Friday was a busy day for Aliy with local media spots to promote the “Lead On!” initiative she is involved in with Matson and the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault (ANDVSA).

In the morning Aliy visited local TV station KTVA for a couple of spots to talk about the initiative. First up was a live segment with Carmen Lowry, Executive Director, ANDVSA on KTVA’s morning show Daybreak.

Mickey and I stayed in the Green Room to watch as it aired; a first for both of us.

View from the Green Room

Aliy with Carmen Lowry and Daybreak hosts James Gaddis and Sierra Starks

After that, Aliy recorded an interview with Rhonda McBride for the Frontiers show that airs Sunday afternoon and evening (click on picture below to link).

Then, later in the afternoon she and Kenny Gill, Matson Vice President – Alaska were live on the Dave Stieren Radio Show on KFQD to discuss the initiative.

Back at the hotel KTUU caught up with her (click photo below for link) and I understand the ADN have a story coming up.

It has been a great opportunity for Aliy to talk about the Lead On partnership she has developed with Matson and ANDVSA. To find out more and how to donate go to All moneys donated during March, April and May will go towards helping children from the villages along the Iditarod Trail attend the Lead On! Conference in November.

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  • With every psssing day my admiration , love and thanks reach new high levels for this lovely lady, Her whole attitude to life amazes me

    Go Aliy

  • I applaud Aliy for taking that horrific senseless act and turning it into something meaningful for so many Alaskan Communities. She had so many people "on her sled" with her after the assault, but it was seeing the children asking for a hug at the checkpoints that lifted her up. Lead on Aliy, Lead On!!!!

  • I'm so impressed and inspired by your strength, resolve and resilience Aliy. You are and will be doing so much good for those that you have been led to help make a change. You set a great example for everyone that follows your life and career of sled dog racing. Bravo 👋👋👋

  • Aliy,

    Every year my respect for you climbs. From the first year I started following you, to the next year requesting a dog sponsorship, through every year since.

    Your values, your openness with your fans, your ever-present smile that brightens days, and now this. You are the epitome of lead-by-example.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and your love with others always.

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