Congrats to Carrie, Shawn and Percy who are fans of Izzy and Shannon and Maggie who are fans of Nelson!

Izzy is beyond confident. She is somewhat of an elitist. She can run any position in the dog team and have a major impact. She is a star!

Nelson looks good. He is always so excited and sometimes we just forget how truly ecstatic he gets when you walk up to his with a harness. The “sweetheart” that you can cuddle with vanishes and he becomes a possessed sled dog. 

You both win a copy of the Iditarod Race Annual, signed by Allen and Aliy plus a ID patch. You will also receive a photo print portrait of your dog along with a few other kennel goodies. We hope you enjoy your packets!

We will be doing random draws for fun goodies including signed drop bags and posters throughout the race so keep an eye out for that. Everyone who has joined by the time of the draw and hasn’t already won will be in to win!

Click the button below for more information about how to join:

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4 Responses

  • Congrats Fan Club Winners!! You all backed some pretty awesome SPK Sled Dogs in Izzy and Nelson!! That Quito/Biscuit litter was a winning combination for sure! Enjoy your Iditarod themed prizes….very cool!!


    Awesome swag!!!


    Will dog treats have to wait until after the big race? WOOF!!!

    Go Izzy!!!

    WOOF!!! Nelson (emphasis on the second syllable}!!

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