Its 5pm Tuesday afternoon.

Congratulations to Mitch Seavey and his absolutely phenomenal dog team. Wow! Just, wow! We went down to the finish to see them cross the line and it really was impressive.


Aliy and her team arrived in to White Mountain at 4.39pm and are currently sitting in 9th position. She and Pete Kaiser have been neck and neck for a couple hundred miles; currently Pete holds the advantage by one minute. He is a good guy and Aliy will be enjoying the competition with him and his team, and it will be all on once they leave in the morning.

The teams must stop for eight hours in White Mountain which means the earliest the Red Team can leave is 12.39am Wednesday morning. Nome is another 77 miles from there.


The Black Team is resting at Shaktoolik having arrived at 12.40pm this afternoon. They’ll maybe rest for a couple more hours before heading out to the pack ice and Koyuk checkpoint, 50 miles away.

EDIT: So to prove that we have no idea what Allen is doing until he has done it – just as I hit “publish” he checked out of Shaktoolik with all 15 dogs.

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  • Hahaha! Love the edit on Allen.

    I totally missed Mitch's finish. I miscalculated arrival time on that one, bummer. I am, however, glad they switched the live feed back to White Mountain. I saw Aliy & Pete arrive….almost together. I think I heard Aliy say "Haw" a couple times, then when they were parked in their spot, I think I heard Aliy say "good spot Izzy".

    We will see if the race is on between Pete and Aliy tomorrow. It's been fun watching them compete on the tracker.

  • Rest well Aliy and team for that last run to Nome. You have a lot friends, fans and family cheering you on. Good running!! Great work Allen and team – take it down the remaining trail to the finish line.

  • Yes….wow…good dogs!! My favorite part was of Mitch snacking his dogs and thanking them…..always nice to see Mushers loving on the Team for getting them there!

    The top ten will be fun to watch…some very tight races! Aliy is going to have some fun on that last 77 miles for sure!

    This race for 2nd is thrilling….a taste of what is in store for the rest of the top 10!

    Run dogs run!!

  • Go Aliy and Red Team! Aliy, you are such a great role model…tough competitor with a kind heart. We loved the video where you pull the young girl in….no doubt something she will remember always!

  • Wow is right, fantastic race by Mitch. Just wish that someone that has all their dogs run the entire race would win.

  • Awesome!
    Allen will be in Koyuk to watch Aliy finish, or…
    Either way, I doubt many of us are getting much sleep after night midnight tonight.

  • Woohoo! It's going to be a barn burner for sure on those 77 miles to Nome. If all goes well, Aliy ought to be flying into the chute around lunchtime for those of us on the east coast – which is fantastic for my pretending to work while obsessively hitting refresh. Not that I have any prior experience doing such things…

    Go Aliy! Go Dogs!

  • Bring it home Aliy and the red team enjoy those last 77 miles to Nome you should here Denali and l woofing from Australia ❤️

  • As far as close competition and strategies the 1-4 and 6-9 have been the most competitive in years. I have loved watching these positions play out and can't wait to see Aliy's final finish. Great race.

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