It’s 9am Wednesday.


Aliy and the Red Team stayed 5.5 hours in Tanana checkpoint and left there at 2.25am. They are now on their way towards Ruby.

In an Insider interview she said she will most likely do the run in two 60 mile hops with a rest in between so will probably go another 10-15 miles before camping. She did mention that the dogs have a touch of the gastro bug similar to the Quest so she is hoping she is on top of it early enough to get them over it quickly. She will ensure they are well fed and hydrated and will rest them when they need. (Edit: once the dogs got over their Quest illness they showed no more signs of it between races, they all passed thorough vet examinations and blood panels, were eating well and had great weight on them)

It’s been another cold night here in the interior but it is forecast to start warming up from here. The trail conditions between Tanana and Ruby are reported to be “good” so the teams will hopefully move along nicely. Aliy says of camping in such cold that it’s fine, just challenging. But, we all know how much she likes things to be challenging and she believes she thrives the harder it is.


The Black Team pulled in to Tanana at 2.05am and maybe saw the Red Team briefly as they were about to leave. They have been resting about 6.5 hours and will likely leave in the next hour or so. He may be seeing out his mandatory eight hour stop here, in which case they would leave at around 10.05 this morning. There are a bunch of other teams also in Tanana but from here the field will start to spread out over several checkpoints as the front runners start to pull away from the bunch.

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    Onward Red TeaM!!!

    Go go go!!!

    That goes for Black Team as well…

    Go Black Team as Olivia might say, WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF and

  • It appears by way of the tracker the Red Team is moving well so hopefully the bug has run its course….healing thoughts as they build up their strength to 110%!

    Go SPK Red and Black!!

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