Well this sure is exciting viewing!

Aliy, Spark, Dutch, Amber, Junior, Rodney, Iron, Driver, Felix and Izzy are through Safety checkpoint and are just 22 miles from Nome!

She and Pete Kaiser are literally breathing down each others necks and, because the trackers are not synched up, it’s really difficult to know who’s got the edge at any given moment. At Safety checkpoint they were one minute apart with the Red Team in front by a nose in 8th position.

We all are about to head down to the dog lot to set up for our athletes. We’ll set up their kennels, line them with fresh straw and lay out warm fleece jackets and cozy blankets. We’ll thaw out some fish and beef snacks for the finish line and prepare a tasty meal.

A few of us will head up the road to the road crossing to catch them about five miles from home and silently cheer them as they go by.

One of the most thrilling experiences is to hear the town siren announce their arrival as they get closer to the finish line. A police escort will greet them on Front Street as they come off the pack ice and they will make their way down to the chute.

Then, they cross under the burled arch finish line.

We’re so excited to see them. They’re nearly home to Nome!

Once they are officially checked in and welcomed we’ll drive the team the 100-odd yards to the dog lot where all the dogs will undergo a thorough veterinary examination. We’ll feed them, massage them, cuddle them and settle them into their temporary homes for a good long sleep. Aliy will head home, also for a good long sleep.

It may be a while before I can get anything up on the blog so keep an eye on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts as, depending on internet coverage, I will hopefully be able to post a few pictures directly there.

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