It’s 10pm on Tuesday, Alaska time.


After staying at their camp spot at mile 175 for just over four hours, Aliy and the Red Team continued along the river to the Tanana checkpoint, a run of around six hours – about 50 miles, where they are currently stopped for a rest.

Tanana is the first checkpoint on the Yukon River and teams can take an eight hour mandatory rest here, Ruby, Galena, Huslia, Koyukuk, Nulato or Kaltag. Getting back onto the Yukon River will be a big deal for Aliy so we are sending all good vibes to her now.

You can see from the map below that the next checkpoint of Ruby is 119 miles from Tanana. It seems unlikely that the team will make that run on one go and is more likely to break it and camp on the trail.

Map courtesy of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Photos from the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer in manley show that she moved Dutch up in lead with his sister Junior, and Kodiak put back into swing with Izzy. She has a lot of leaders to choose from and will likely mix up the team line-up to keep things interesting for the dogs and to take advantage of different moods and attitudes.

The next checkpoint for the Red Team is Ruby


Allen and the Black Team stayed just half an hour in Manley as Allen restocked his sled ready for the trail ahead. He stopped his team around the same place as Aliy and they rested for five hours. They are now back on the trail heading towards Tanana are are currently about 40 miles out. It is forecast to be cold again tonight on the river.

The next checkpoint for the Black Team is Tanana

Another thing to keep an eye on, as if you don’t have enough screens open already, is the daily photos from Jeff Schultz and his team along the trail. We can’t use them on the blog but make sure you check back often for more amazing shots of the teams. There are a couple of great pics today of the Red Team at Manley checkpoint.

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  • Sigh – Aliy came into Tanana just after Joar, but her entry has to be the one they miss recording – what if she wants to do her Yukon River 8 hour and they didn't get the right time?

    Oh forget it – they will work it out. They always do.

  • For some reason, the race stats still show Aliy between Manley and Tanana, hours after video was posted showing her checking into Tanana (in 9th). What's up with that?

  • I cant wait till it warms up out there just a lil bit! In that last interview Aliy seemed to wish the same to help with her dog chores.

    I thought that was Dutch in lead…I got it right!!! His widows peak is pretty pronounced! SPK is blessed with many leaders and its nice to see Dutch learning that position too!

    Yes, a long trek coming up to Ruby where this trail meets the regular Iditarod Trail. Sounds like Aliy will do it in 2 bits with one camp out……brrrr! Go SPK Red Team!!!

    Always a fan of Jeff Schultz photos…he puts out an awesome newsletter too!

  • Good morning from Erie! Great news to wake up to. This information is more up to date that the Iditarod site (and no, I'm not an Insider). Be assured of "good vibes", good thoughts, many prayers particularly now for both teams but especially for Aliy. I hope she has a calm head and a steady strong heart and will as she travels through. Thanks Moira for the great updates!

  • Aliy checked out of Tanana 2:46 AM AKST. I had forgotten that I had checked Aliy and Allen's names on the ID Website to receive email updates. It was a nice surprise when I started receiving email updates on Monday.

  • Go Aliy!!! She is in a good spot but cold out there. Thanks for the
    wonderful updates SP Crew and taking care of the beauty's back at the
    kennel. Am glued to the computer. Go Red!!

  • I agree with Linda and wasparkman, the night was a little frustrating when Aliy's arrival wasn't recorded, as frustrating as when the tracker doesn't work. I decided to sleep, and my guess on her arrival time was only a minute off, ah! I'm happy the team rested a little in Tanana, and I hope their tummies are feeling better soon.

    Sending the best vibes to Aliy and her team for the tremendous hurdle of making it through the upcoming trek through "the river."

  • Sending good vibes to Aliy from Issaquah,WA. Also, sending good vibes to the tummies of all of the dogs! This is a very competitive race with lots of contenders. It is great to see Aliy in the lead pack. Wishing you the best on the long run to Ruby. Hopefully it is an advantage to Aily and her team that they are accustomed to the cold.


  • JMO: A-TOWN has it right! WOOF!!!

    Re: My impression is that there are 2 places to find data at Insider. One is at check points, written version of what is going on on the ground, and the…


    THIS IS WHEN SHE LEAVES CHECKPOINT: Check dogs in and out number.


    I am wearing ALL RED today – WOOF WOOF WOOF to the 2-legged athletes!!!

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