Hotshot is the dog that Allen left in Huslia; he simply got tired. It was the furtherest he had ever been in a race and Allen decided 500 miles was enough. Hotshot was Allen’s dog #16 and was chosen for his rookie Iditarod because of his enthusiasm but sometimes his enthusiasm can get the better of him and he uses all his energy up quickly. He’s had a good season, finishing strongly in the Yukon Quest 300 with Aliy.

He’s back in Anchorage with Linda and is feeling better already as he’s had three days rest since leaving the team on Saturday so he’s rearing to go! He’s experienced a bunch of new and interesting things on the way home and will have lots to tell his mates back home.

A few of our crew took snow machines to White Mountain this afternoon to see Aliy and the Red Team arrive. They were able to speak with Aliy for a short while before she went in for a nap, and caught up with who she still has on her team. They called by satellite phone before heading home, reception was poor but this is what I got:

Mismo was left behind in Koyuk yesterday. I didn’t catch the reason why and we’ll have to wait to see the vet paperwork that accompanies him home.

Schmoe stayed behind in Elim. He was fit and well right up until just before the checkpoint. Evidently there is a downhill somewhere just before town and he stepped badly and tweaked something on the way down.

Commando will finish his race in White Mountain. He worked and worked so hard for 900 miles he was simply tired. Aliy carried him for a while into the checkpoint and felt it was better for him to finish the race out of harness. He will be transported forwards to Nome hopefully tomorrow and be reunited with his team mates here.

We’re not certain at this stage whether Mismo and Schmoe will come forwards to Nome or go back to Anchorage. We believe the former but will wait and see tomorrow. There are a large number of dogs to be transported; if you think about it, if every team drops one dog, suddenly 60-odd dogs need transportation. Throw in some weather issues and the dogs can take a little while to get home. We will hopefully find out more tomorrow and let you know.

Allen and Aliy are always so sorry to leave anyone behind, they feel it keenly, but you know it is always the correct decision for the individual dogs and the team.

We’re really proud of Hotshot, Mismo, Schmoe and Commando. They’ve each had fantastic seasons and contributed greatly in this race. Good boys!

So, to catch you up – the Red Team is now Spark, Dutch, Amber, Junior, Rodney, Iron, Driver, Felix and Izzy. The Black Team is Chemo, Waylon, Chipper, Chena, Scout, Lydia, Scooter, Tinder, Olivia, Willie, Nomex, Five, Outlaw, Scooby and Clyde.

Kodiak is also now back with Linda in Anchorage. Kodiak was left in Huslia due to a shoulder injury and he’s certainly enjoying extra care and attention from Linda. Photos to follow.

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  • Good Dawgs Mismo, Schmoe, Commando and Hotshot. You have done your job wel! Hotshot has learned a lot this season and hopefully he will figure out when to turn that energy on and when to tap it down so he doesn't completely wear out. Im ready to watch Aliy and her awesome team reach Nome this morning.

  • Thanks so much for the update. Amazing care of the dogs from Aliy and Allen, as always. Go teams go!

  • Man…..Aliy has to be missing those power houses!! So glad they are going to be reunited with you all soon….either at home or in Nome! And good boy Hotshot… did great!!! You will learn how to pace yourself….lots more years left to go!

    My goodness the race between Aliy and Pete is fun to watch!!! What a battle!! I am snow bound here at home after that huge storm left 31 inches on the ground!! But Im not going to plow until Aliy and the Red Team are in Nome….Go SPK!!!


    Can't thank you enough for this report – thanks, Moira!!! And thanks to brave team members (2 legs) who ventured out to White Mountain and using technology, brought you the information about dropped dogs!!!

    Awesome team of young and older, awesome journey!!!

    Can't wait to cheer the Red and Black Teams under the Burled Arch!!!


  • Great bunch of dogs all around. So excited for everyone involved in this wonderful adventure. So happy to have met Aliy and her team of dogs last year on our tour. It was a great tour and we all enjoyed meeting Aily and her puppies. Aily, you are amazing…XXOO

  • Good job pups, you all did a great job getting the teams on track to the finish!
    I hope all of you are back in running form is short time.

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