We have received word that it was Woody that Aliy left in Ruby checkpoint and Violet in Galena.

Woody has had a “breakout” season! He had a summer on the glacier with Chris giving tourists a sled dog experience and came back with new confidence in himself. He raced everything this year! He was in the Copper Basin 300, the Two Rivers 100, the Northern Lights 300, Yukon Quest 300 and now he made the top team in the Iditarod!

Violet has gotten stronger and stronger as the season went on. She ran the Copper Basin and Yukon Quest 300 with Aliy and the Two Rivers 100 with Chris. After finishing last year’s Iditarod strongly on the Black Team she made the step up to the “big time” this season.

We are not certain of the reasons yet until we get to see the vet paperwork that accompanies the dogs home to Anchorage. We’ll let you know more as we find out.

They will both be flown back to Anchorage as soon as possible where Linda will be waiting for them with lots and lots of love. We’ll hear from Linda once she has them on the ground.

If you would like to know more about “Returned Dogs” – Kennel Mom Mickey has written a few great articles for the blog about them. Check them out here from 2015 and here from 2013. The dogs are treated like ROCK STARS and are in good hands from the moment they leave the team to the time they get home. Thank you to all the vets and volunteers that are looking after our friends.

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  • Get well You both, sorry you have to fly Home. Aliy, know how to take care of You all. Thanks for all the Help. You all do a Great work.
    Hi, from Florida.Brita

  • Sorry to hear that Woody will miss the rest of the Iditarod. He was such a great team dog when I handled for Chris in the TR100 and NL300. Good luck Aliy with the rest of the race; I hope the team is over the bug. Mush on – safe trails.

  • Loved going back and re reading about dropped dogs. Thank you so much for these posts to allay our fears. We are all wishing the best to our SPK pals wherever they are. Thank you so much to those providing care.

  • Get better Woody and Violet. What an exciting big league experience you had!

    Enjoy your race Aliy!

  • Sorry to hear of Woody and Violet. Woody had a banner year and
    spending the summer with Chris surely helped get him to his full potential. Violet is a sweetheart to me but I know Aliy did what
    was best for her. Still both fantastic dogs. Maybe they will get
    a steak when they return home! Safe Travels!

  • Thanks so much for getting us the info, Moira.

    Get well Woody and Violet – you beautiful animals!!!




  • Get well Woody and Violet. Rest up, be sure to tell your kennel mates about your adventures.

  • Well done Woody and Violet enjoy the special pampering though l am sure you will miss your team mates woof woof hugs to you both from Denali 🐾🐾and Joanne , Melbourne , Australia

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