Here are a couple of very quick videos of the teams leaving the start chute in Fairbanks yesterday.

You will see in a late change to the line-up Tinder was moved forwards to run beside Chena in swing while Chipper started beside Scooter. Chipper was getting a little bit over excited and annoying to Chena so he paired the two cheerleading gals together for the start.

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  • Thanks Moira/SPK Crew for posting the videos. I missed seeing Aliy by 10 minutes on Iditarod live. Darn doctors… Both teams looked ready to race. Hope you guys catch up on some rest.



    Great videos!!!

    Chena was probably showing her inner Quito (she learned about being cool last Iditarod from The Queen).



  • Great move Allen!
    Chipper does get too serious and excited.. "Lets just go already"
    I know you have a great team.. Go get on the trail doggies..
    Best journey to you Allen
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Waylon & Chemo are so great in this. Waylon barked through the countdown, Chemo looked around a lot and then when they said "Go" both of their ears went straight up and Chemo knew it was time to get going. Dogs are awesome!

  • Scooter and Chipper the Cheer Leaders…gotta love them!! Chena is probably happy to have her calm brother alongside her! They all looked great heading down the trail….was that just yesterday???? Jeezum Crow it seems like longer!

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