Chemo and Outlaw

Scooby and Willie

The Black Team travelling the trail in Allen’s sled bag; Very important job – Alex fixes the GPS tracker to the sled!

Allen with daughters Jennifer and Bridgett; Half the team enjoying the sun waiting for the start

Allen with Chemo and Waylon – all three looking cool

Waylon and nephew Chemo

Fire litter siblings Tinder and Chena

Scout and niece Lydia

Chipper and Scooter (not closely related at all)

Willie and Olivia (siblings but a year apart in age)

Fire siblings Nomex and Hotshot

Outlaw and his nephew Five

Clyde and his son Scooby

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  • Love the pictures! Waylon gives that look like "I've done this
    before, got it covered". Olivia looking excited. What a fantastic
    look at these great dogs! Go Allen!

  • SPK Iditarod is totally a family affair. I love it.
    The guys, Allen, Chemo and Waylon certainly do look cool. Who can do that, when they really know what excitement they are about to experience?!

    Wonderful pics.

  • I also love the dogs looking for the camera, "Woohoo, look at me, I'm running the Iditarod."

  • Aliy is in Tanana and resting, so it's time to catch up on a few things – like the satellite views of Manley and Tanana – hmm, Tanana is regular little village…

    And taking lots of time to look at the start photos of each pair of racers. Wow! That is totally amazing, each and every racing pair and it definitely brought a huge smile to my face tonight. The professional attitude of the Red team was impressive, happy – yes, strong – yes, but pros and no doubt about it.

    Then there was the black team and I started giggling. Allen, you are one brave dude to take those kiddies out for a long camping trip – but by the time they get to Nome, they will be pros too.

    Thanks for these photos. They are special.

  • YAHOO!! Still smiling ear to ear about Chemo getting an oppertunity to be an Iditarod Lead Dog!! Love that dog!

    I like the picture captions noting the relations between the dogs…Aunts and Uncles mentoring nieces and nephews…and there are always a few Fire Litter mates to pair up…many to choose from in that big litter! I bet Allen really enjoys this part of the race season…what can be better than heading down the Iditarod Trail teaching the young dogs how to do 1,000 miles and have fun doing it! What an awesome way to finish the season!!

  • We found LIsa's name on the Black Team sponsor list….that's pretty exciting to be virtually traveling on the trail. What a great idea and LOVE these photos. Go FIve go. Good dawg!!

  • Great photos!! I love the determination on their faces as they took off from the start.

    Anyone else need a little Ben Gay for their restart fingers?? I'll gladly share.

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