Congratulations Aliy, Junior, Izzy, Dutch, Amber, Spark, Rodney, Driver, Iron, Felix for crossing under the burled arch in Nome in 8th position. And to Kodiak, Violet, Commando, Woody, Mismo, Schmoe and Champ who helped them get there.

We’re so proud of their strong finish and they looked super coming up Front Street to the cheers of the crowd. It’s always an emotional time to see your team finish any race, and to see them look so good is thrilling.

Near the road crossing five miles from town

Near the road crossing five miles from town

Near the road crossing five miles from town

Finish chute

Dutch and Spark lead the team in (Photo: Sheryll Cornforth)

Finish Line Love

Official stuff

The crew waits; Kisses from Spark

Izzy; Rodney and Felix watch for the snack bucket

Bridgett and Chris take the team to the dog lot (Photo Sheryll Cornforth)

Enjoying a huge meal (Photo Sheryll Cornforth)

Iron has his vet examination; Nighty-night Rodney

Everyone is sleeping. Check back soon for some video and tomorrow for dog lot pictures.

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  • Bravo Aliy, Junior, the entire Red Team, and the SPK family wherever you are! Well done, all!

  • YEAH ALIY!!! You are the best. Tough race with your dogs feeling a bit under the weather but it's clear you had your dog-buddies as the priority
    Let us know who to write to at Verizon to thank them for supporting you, a tremendous female athlete.
    Karen and Oly

  • YEAH ALY!!!!
    You are the very best. A great run despite your dogs being a bit under the weather. It was obvious that your dog-buddies are your top priority
    Let us all know how to contact Verizon to thank them for supporting you – a tremendous female athlete

    Karen and Oly

  • Congrat's to the Red Team on a fine finish. 8th place is just fine given all the issue the team had. No quit in this team!!

  • FANTASTIC!!!! I stopped snow plowing to assure I had a front row seat to see Aliy and the Red Team come in!! LOVE the pictures…the one of Dutch and Spark is my favorite….my goodness they have grown up to become awesome leaders! It was cool watching them eat up their well deserved snacks…..yummy!

    Wow, guess Mama Nature did have a little wind up her sleeve for the Teams coming through! Nothing like 2014 but 40 mph gusts and 10 below??!!! Hats off to you all for braving the trail in that weather!

    Someday Id like to be in Nome for the finish….jeezum crow I cry like a baby watching the live feed….I cant imagine the emotion of being there….Id like to experiance that!!!

    We still have Allen and the Black Team out there to cheer on….GO SPK!

    Enjoy the "down time" while you have it SPK Crew! Love and Kisses to the four legged ones from the Adirondacks!

  • ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for these awesome pictures. I loved seeing brothers Iron & Driver reaching Nome side by side, Rest well Aliy & team. I see Allen has left Elim. Go Black Team!

  • Congratuations! I love the pictures of you loving, and being loved by, the pups. That's what it is all about. Once again, Aliy, and all SPK., truly a class act. Good to see all of the crew in the picture. Hi Doug, hi Mickey—greetings from "your girls" in Erie, PA! Rest well all….we've still got cheering to do for Allen! Much love to all!!

  • You guys never cease to amaze me!!! Aliy, you are my favorite musher in the World! Great job!
    Those beautiful dogs of yours are the most amazing athletes and so are you!!!
    Many congratulations!!!

  • Amazing finsh! I had a snow day and enjoyed watching you come down Front Street! You continue to be an amazing musher! It is so evident in all that you do how important the dogs and their well being are to you and the SPK crew. And hats off to the crew in Nome having snacks on hand and ready to go when everyone arrived! Rest!

  • Great race Red Team…We gulped and crossed our fingers when you approached tne blow hole near Safety! Big congratulations Aliy…and double smooches
    for your dedicated dog-family!!
    Herb and Tonia
    Tonia & Herb

  • tough race with an impressive finish. aliy's a true champ and how cool that sparkie has turned into a leader. congrats to the whole pack for another inspirational iditarod. you guys rock!

  • Congrats and great run Aliy and Red team!!! I had goosebumps as Aliy and the team crossed under the Burled Arch. You conquered what you needed to Aliy, and finished with a smile and your loved ones waiting on you. You are the best! Hope you and the pups get some good rest.

    Back to hitting the refresh button and cheering Allen and the Black team on!


  • Congrats to Aliy! Great Job! Dutch & Spark look like pros. Love the pictures–so sweet! Thanks to Linda with the rest of the team. Take
    care of Violet–she's a bit out numbered (female vs. male)! Thanks
    also to the SP Crew for all your hard work making these dogs comfort-
    able. Well deserved! Can hardly wait for Allen & his team. Go Black!

  • WAY TO GO ALIY AND THE RED TEAM! Congratulations on a great race. Overcoming obstacles, as always. Grace. Class. Doing your best and working your butt off and always doing what's best for the dogs… mile after mile. Finishing AGAIN in the top ten with a happy and healthy dog team is an incredible accomplishment. Look at these finish times. Who would have ever thought? Love the video – thank you to the Dog Log crew! Get some sleep everyone so we can cheer in Allen and the Black Team. Thanks again for sharing your race with us, all of you at SPK.

  • This is the first time the live feed hasn't crashed during Aliy's finish for me. I don't know if it's the new router, or the fact that Aliy draws so many fans we crash the site. I think it's the latter.
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who got all choked up over the finish. Ally you would not believe how proud we are of you!

    Dutch and Spark looked so proud leading the team down the shoot, looking around like: I smell them. I know they're here. Do you see them, I'm checking my side. I am too, woohoo! There they are, family!!! SPK has a lot of dogs that have risen to the challenge this year.

    Sleep well, you have all earned a wonderful rest.
    Thank you so much for the amazing coverage from SPK!

  • Yes, the very best.

    So proud of the whole SP Kennel teams, crew, family – including 4 and 2 legged members.

    Awesome adventure.


    P.S. A foot of snow and winds and Alaska-like weather here in CT

  • My eyes well up every time you cross the finish line. The dogs look great and so do you and so does the whole team. Congratulations to everyone. I love Rodney's blankie. So exciting for these young dogs.

  • Great effort Aliy and great dog care .
    Here's to Junior , Izzy, Dutch , Amber , Spark, Rodney, Driver, Iron, Felix, Kodiak, Violet, Cammando, Woody, Mismo, Schmoe and Champ , big hugs to you all enjoy the trip home and have fun during the off season 😘❤️. Denali and Joanne 🇦🇺

  • How exciting to watch on LIVE feed. I worked an extra shift that day (how untimely) and told my coworkers, no matter what chemotherapy was being processed, I was watching the LIVE feed finish of the Red Team. Congratulations Aliy for a well run race; proud of your alternate plan to make it the best for the dogs. YEAH, Rodney and his sur-Five siblings … a monumental finish for their stressful beginnings.

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