This is pretty long so make a coffee, put your feet up and enjoy the view from the tag sled of the Red Team during the Ceremonial Start back on Saturday.

Watch out for our moose encounter at 11:50. It is hard to tell how close it was because I was a ways behind filming, but by the time we rounded the corner it was too late to stop the team, Ms Moose was right alongside and turned towards Izzy when Aliy roared at her to move along. It was pretty scary!

BTW we use the tag sled to add weight to the line. For the ceremonial start we want the teams to be going slower as they are through the streets amongst thousands of people. An extra sled and person adds more control.

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  • Thanks, Moira! Kelley and I have been waiting for this to see if we're in it, and there we are at the 16:10 mark! Woohoo! Thanks for capturing that special moment on video. Kelley sent the video that we shot of you going by, and the one of Allen and Ruth as well, to you via the SP Kennel e-mail address.

    Keep up the great work! Go SP Kennel!

    Andy Jewell

    P.S. We were the ones that won the Iditarod 2017 hats signed by Aliy and Allen in the silent auction at the Musher's banquet. So glad we got to meet and talk to you there!

  • Oh my, that is a BIG animal – the doggies didn't look scared, tho'…

    A wonderful video. Loved that you edited it to show the "close encounter of a moose kind" with proper subtitles!!!

    As I watched it I cried out "holy expletive" – anyway, thanks so very much for the Ceremonial Start video!!!



  • Wow, that was close with the moose. Lots of people cheering
    Aliy on.
    Any news on the dog she dropped in Ruby? She will always do
    what is best for the dogs. I too saw the video that Padee was
    talking about and the dogs were happy, happy!
    Go Girl!!

  • OMG…..MOOSE!!! Jeezum Crow that was close!!! What did her Iditarider think of that! My goodness!!!

    Look at all the people lined up…..everyone knows Aliy!!! That iconic Red Beanie, the smile that is always there…her "thank you's" and overall gracious disposition…she will forever be a fan favorite!!!

    Thank you for posting this video….LOVE the footage!!!

  • Great video! Aliy's a superstar!! So fun to watch the crowds of people cheering her on.

    Was Doug on her sled at the very beginning? (Go Dougie!) And who was videotaping? Awesome job everyone!!

    Go Ali and the Red Team!!

    Lots of love,

    Heather Kelley Henck

  • She may be running Plan B, but dang, it looks to me like she is running a great race. I was looking at who had 24 hours still left ( a lot ) and then who still had 8 hours after the 24 ( a lot ). She is doing great with this batch of happy dogs, despite their tummies.

    I keep saying this … I think Aliy is the only person to be in the top 5, five years in a row. She is also only one of 4 teams who have been in the top 10 in consecutive years.

    Lady, you have been on a roll and looks like you just might keep that going!

  • Holy moly!! Got be ready for the surprises! It was nice to go along the iditarider trip.


  • Thanks for the great ride….and even a moose. Whew! I'm with Tom from PA…..I wonder what the Iditarider thought! What an experience. I hope the enthusiasm that was shown to Aliy here carries her through. We are cheering you on from here in PA (other side of the state from Tom!). Much love!

  • Both of the videos were a lot of fun this year. Between the two, I think I am in love with the GoPro technology! What a beautiful day in Anchorage and a very wonderful turnout by its citizenry.

    Impressive how you sped the delivery up just enough that the words were not lost, but covered the trail faster.

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