It’s 2.30pm Monday afternoon


Champ was the team mate that Aliy left in Unalakleet with a sore wrist. He will be making his way back to Anchorage in the next few days and in the meantime will enjoy the care and attention of all the volunteers in the checkpoint.

We are so very proud of Champ for what he has achieved this season and what he has contributed to the team for 700 miles. He really stepped up like a Champ!

We appreciate your patience as we are still waiting to find out who it was Allen left behind in Huslia. With teams outside the top 10-20 we get to see very little by way of photos or video so it is impossible for us to figure out who is missing from the line. We likely won’t know who it was until he or she arrives back in Anchorage. We will let you know as soon as we get that information.


Aliy and her 12 team mates left Shaktoolik towards Koyuk. She and Ray Reddington Jnr have been running near each other for a while and that looks to continue in this leg. An insider video of the team arriving into the checkpoint shows Dutch and Commando in lead, Sparkie and Mismo running together in swing, Junior and Iron, Driver and Izzy, Amber and Felix with Rodney and Schmoe in wheel. We saw Aliy was frosted so obviously the temperatures have dropped a little now they are on the coast.

The trail from Shaktoolik to next checkpoint of Koyuk takes the teams travel over the sea ice. This is where Aliy famously (infamously?) camped during the race last year. If you’ve never seen the video of that it is one of the classics! Check it out here from March 13, 2016.


Allen and 15 mates are travelling along the portage trail between Kaltag and Unalakleet. There are two cabins along that piece of trail that are often frequented by mushers: Tripod Flats, about 35 miles from Kaltag and Old Woman Cabin, 15 miles later. We are guessing he will stop the team at Old Woman but we’re never really sure what Allen is doing until he has done it so we will wait and see.

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  • Sorry to here Champ wont be at the Finish Line….so close there buddy!! You did GREAT!! Enjoy the TLC!

    SPK Red and Black….doing fine and making us fans PROUD!!!

  • I think Champ has had a terrific year but finishing was not his time
    this year. Hope they give him lots of loving and care till he gets
    to Linda's. Kennel buddies can have a reunion!
    Go Red & Black Teams!

  • What great updates. THANK YOU MOIRA AND EVERYONE WHO KEEPS US INFORMED. SP Kennel is once again doing an outstanding job bringing happy and healthy teams through ungodly LONG races. GO Aliy and Allen and all the 4-leggeds. Stay safe and stay happy. We're watching and cheering you on.

  • Go dogs go ! What a fantastic run for both teams & love the pictures ! Thanks for all the updates & run on šŸ˜ŽšŸ˜ŽšŸ˜Ž run ~

  • Way to go Champ!

    The most recent insider interview video with Aliy (3 PM ASKT) totally warms my heart. She is so conscious of the children and so very much in love with her team ā¤ļø Seeing Aliy in the videos with a smile on her face, embracing children and the community around her, is one of the things that makes me so proud to be a fan. Not to leave out Allen. His strong, steady demeanor and his support of Aliy (and visa versa) is a part of what makes SPK great.

    P.S. This Blueberry Hills video is one of my favorites!

  • Champ, You did a good race, have a great rest, make the flight back to Anchored o.k.
    Aliy, have a good race with Your team, You do the best,
    For me , You are # 1 , when You arrive @ Nome.
    Have a Great Race. Hi, from Florida.

  • I could watch that clip of 2016 Aliy over and over again. If I only had a quarter of her positive outlook…. just say'in. I love the outdoors and cold… Aliy freak'in thrives on it. Her canine team mates know she has their best health and needs come first. You go Aliy!! Truly love watching you progress! Go 2017 SPK Team!!

  • LOVE the Aliy Zirkle being Aliy video. So precious! It's great to see a 'famous' athlete being a superstar and a great human being all at once. Great attitude, Aliy. Keep up the awesome job! Go Red and Black teams! Love from CT – Heather and the gang

  • Yes, a great video of a great person!!!

    I mean, this is how many miles into the Iditarod and she looks like "she's ready for her close up, Mr. DeMille" – a movie reference (Sunset Boulevard)!!!



  • _Aliy being Aliy_ is so special. That clip contains so many of the characteristics for which we admire Aliy…her positive attitude, her warmth, her optimism and her love for her dogs and the race. She is simply genuine. All the best for the rest of your race, Aliy! Your fans are with you!

  • Just watched the fun interview from this afternoon with really nice comments from Aliy in Shaktoolik .
    It was also nice to see the super dogs come into that checkpoint in another clip. It is really fortunate to have your insights and then be able to combine them with "insider" pictures. Thank you very much for all that.
    Each of the sweet dogs in her team is a super hero ! Sorry that Champ is not able to finish – he is already a star. Iron was really making big eyes while Rodney took it all with a smile… Hope the night after Elim on the ice will be calm!!! Wishing for good trail and a smooth finish! So proud of Aliy ! Soon impressed with the team.

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