The Red Team was the first of our teams to arrive into Nenana just as the sun was beginning to set at 5.36pm on Monday.

Just ten minutes later the Black Team came off the river into the checkpoint.

Nomex settles in for a nap; Scooby and Clyde

Both teams settle in for a rest on the river in the setting sun

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  • Very nice.

    I'm a little down to read about the gastro bug rearing its ugly, energy sapping head again. Metronitazole is kept in stock at our house as well since these things do happen.

  • What a magnificent way to spend the week ! Cheering for you always ~ entire SP Kennel Team! Eyes to the moon~ Team Miller 💕

  • The teams looks so energetic pulling in to the checkpoint. Everyone looks to have plenty of energy, but glad to have a short rest I'm sure.

    Love the howl before take off!

  • The videos and pictures are great! Nice to see the dogs and the SP
    Howl before leaving. Go Red & Black!!!

  • Great videos and pictures from Nenana….I'm having withdrawals already knowing the SPK Crew can't just meet the Teams at the next check point and send us pictures! We love those smiling faces and wagging tails and howling voices….at least we have the tracker to let us know they are really out there!! Nice to see Allen's video on the insider….I think he is looking forward to actually racing a bit further down the trail….just fun racing to show the young dogs there is another gear when they are ready!

    Now back to refreshing….this stretch is SO long!!

  • Aliy is into Tanana and I am yawning in anticipation of a bit of sleep. The team perked up toward the end, so hopefully they are eating well, resting well, and can regain some slots in the next half.

    I am very up right now. Despite setbacks, they were racing well toward the end.

    It's been interesting to read the Insider reports of the villages along this route. I thought it was pretty funny that Joe Reddington, Jr commented it was fun, but he wasn't sure the folks in Manley would want the trail passing through their space every year. But Tanana was just the opposite – lots of activity and excitement.

    The cost to the villagers to host the teams would not be easy, as the blog mentioned. Everything the mushers eat is either the result of fishing, hunting, or flown in (I guess the difference for Fairbanks is we do have good farming in the summer). Does the Iditarod provide any supplies for them?

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