It’s 11.30pm Saturday night.


Aliy and the Red Team are currently resting in Koyukuk. They arrived just after 8pm and we expect 4-6 hours rest here.

She pulled into the checkpoint with Mismo and Junior in lead, Spark and Dutch in swing, Commando and Iron, Izzy and Driver, Amber, Schmoe and Rodney, Champ and Felix. We have concluded that it was Kodiak that she left in Huslia but we don’t know why at this point.

Mismo and Junior lead the team into Koyukuk

You can see just how warm it is in the video with several of the dogs running without their jackets and Aliy with only her red beanie and one neck gator.

Formally signing into Koyukuk

We also see that Aliy has attached one of the Head-lites glowing collars to her sled. She will be lit up like a Christmas tree tonight.

Remember when I mentioned that at some points through the race we watch inch-by-inch and minute-by-minute of the tracker. The next leg is one of those times. Thanks to everyone that is doing that right alongside us.


Allen and 15 team mates left Huslia almost exactly as the Red Team pulled into Koyukuk, after resting nearly seven hours. He has left one team mate behind to be returned to our Anchorage team of Linda and Margie. As you are sick of me saying by now, at this stage we don’t know who he has left so will have to wait and see until he or she arrives back to Headquarters. This info can take a few days and there’s not much we can do to hurry it along.

They are currently 25 miles outside of Huslia and we expect them to camp along the trail at some point. Allen may break it into half with two 45-odd miles runs like he did the Galena-Huslia stretch or go a little further, blow through Koyukuk and head straight for Nulato. Or he may choose another option – I really don’t know.

The stretch they are currently on has been slow for everyone and with the temperatures rising we are presuming the trail is getting soft and slow. Jessie Royer described that part of the trail as having a thin crust on top like an eggshell and once it’s broken through it doesn’t have much of a base. It’s possible it may “set up” overnight in the cooler temperatures and make it easier going.


Woody and Violet are now with Margie at her kennel in Knik. It is a beautiful spot there and they get to have their own space. They’re doing well – they seem happy and having had a couple days rest their soreness is mostly gone. They ate a nice meal and are settling in for a sleep.

No, Linda, you can’t keep her! Walking the neighbourhood

Good boy Woody; with Margie (yes, they are holding hands)


Alaska moves into Daylight Savings time tonight so for those of you watching from outside the US and you are wondering why things look about an hour out, that’s why.

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  • Lets hope that trail set up some overnight for the Teams traveling from Huslia to Koyukuk….the Black Team appears to be moving along well…..fingers crossed!

    How fun is it to be an SPK dropped dog!! Look at all that special attention!!! Thank you for taking such good care of them!

    I see Aliy just left for Nulato….our thoughts are will you Aliy!!!

  • Sending extra good thoughts this morning. We're refreshing the standings over and over. Thanks for keeping us updated, Moira! <3 <3

  • I'm awake early Sunday to pray her through this next section. Go Aliy and team! You're doing fantastic!

  • I see Aliy is headed for Nulato. Safe journey–think of the wonderful
    Blueberry Hill yet to come.
    Linda has named Violet right-Sweetheart! I had her as my fan and Becky
    says too Sweetheart! Love the picture so Thanks Linda for your loving
    care of Violet and Woody. Woody has come a long way with time spent
    with Chris over the summer. Get Well both of ya!
    Aliy-we fans are with you all the way!
    Moving along nicely is Allen. Go Black!

  • Ha, ha, ha. Sorry Linda. We need all the athletes back. Thanks for all your love with them!

    Go Aliy, she sounded GREAT in the videos. Running 7th as I write this. Definitely IN THE HUNT!

    Allen is doing awesome with his team as well.

    It's getting exciting now folks. Stuff always changes on the coast. Are you ready???

  • Definitely sending prayers to Aliy that she is carried through this next leg of the race. I hope that she feels us all there with her. Much love!

  • Yea, Aliy you are doing a fantastic job. Remember there is a massive crowd behind you. Keep on singing & moving down the trail.
    Keep moving along Allen.

  • Great post, Moira!!! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!

    OK, here is a link to a song (cha cha music for the 2 teams:

    Turn up the volume and do you best wishing and hoping for SP Kennel!!!

  • GO RED TEAM!!!

    I'm going to get out my rally cap when Red Team gets to the coast…

    GO RED TEAM!!!

    P.S. Let's Get Loud for the Red Team!!!

  • Great update.
    See that Linda, we love you, but!

    I am so excited to see Aliy inching toward Kaltag.
    I'm hoping this trip through the Kaltag Portage trail is her most enjoyable so far. Hoping for some weight off her shoulders, a sunny disposition for her dogs, a sense of accomplishment and joy for Aliy.

    We love you Aliy!!!

  • Allen did stay in Huslia for a long time and I wondered if it was to let the trail set up, let the dogs rest after the hard work on the trail into Huslia, he needed the rest, or wanted to let a dog recover .. maybe all those. I find myself hoping it is not a rookie that was dropped – making it all the way is so significant. I would love to see Allen race this last leg more competitively, but I trust him to keep the youngsters focused and successful.

    I confess, I did not stay up past 12:20 last night. I just couldn't – I had been in front of the computer most of the day and I was starting to feel stretched, thin. Thinking of the outpouring of support and concern for her, I trusted many other caring individuals would follow along, but my last thoughts as I drifted off to sleep were of her and the team.

    Here's the thing – Aliy and Allen are both emotionally strong, well grounded people. Despite the trauma, they have held together as a unit and a team and continued to live the life they want. In one of her posts, she said she'd realized you need to "suck it up, Buttercup". When I saw how calm, relaxed, and genuine she was in both Galena and Koyukuk, I felt that was just what she was doing. I stopped worrying.

    Yeah, me, right – stop worrying? No I mean it. She is currently in 7th place with a team that had issues along the trail. This is phenomenal. As Jen said only 4 people have been in the top ten in consecutive years and she is one of them. At her current pace, with her good sense, strength and great team and position, she could add another consecutive year to that record.


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