Today the dogs flew on their first leg of their journey home – from Nome to Anchorage.

We fly the dogs back on a cargo plane and the crew at Everts are experienced at shipping dogs teams from Nome – we are confident they are in good hands from the time we drop them off till we pick them up. We load the team into kennels that we’d shipped out prior to their arrival then they are secured and packed onto pallets before being carefully and skilfully forklifted into the plane.

Dutch takes the wheel in Nome

Chemo and Chipper enjoy the scenery in Nome

Commando with Bridgett and kennel friend (and Spark sponsor) Deb prior to getting secured and packed into the cargo plane.

Scout and Spark arrive safe and sound; unloading the sled

We’ll stay one more night in Anchorage until the entire human crew gets here and we drive home to the kennel, picking up our mates from Margie’s on the way.

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  • What a traveling act you folks are!! My goodness….getting everyone home is quite a task! Bet the pups you pick up along the way will be so glad to see everyone!! I'm looking forward to the post that shows the entire SPK Crew and all the dogs being home, SAFE and sound!!

  • Looking forward to having all of you safe and sound back in Two Rivers. What an undertaking – I thought I understood what all was involved, but I really didn't have a clue (and probably still don't!) I'm in withdrawal – looking forward to seeing those puppies in harness 🙂 Happy Spring!!

  • Of course Dutch takes the wheel. He's thinking: "you trusted me to run lead to Nome, getting to the airport is easy – now let's talk about traveling by sitting in this cozy, soft, heated(?) truck seat, we need to renegotiate my contract…"


    Car Litter rules – Scout, Beemer, Ranger, Honda, Viper and others – that's what doggies like to do – Chena (?) in passenger seat with eyes on Dutch – Driver, not pictured, wondering why he can't…drive?

  • Special cargo for sure! Glad to hear you all are making your way to
    Anchorage to pick up the rest of the team at Linda's. Minus Violet
    maybe? Ha-Ha! Safe Journey to Two Rivers!

  • Impressive planning. You act like you have done this a time or two before, haha. At the time of this comment you all are probably on your way to Two Rivers.

    The animal shelter I volunteer for has done 3 or 4 rescue fights to get some of our dogs to rescues outside of our region. It is impressive to watch the people that are in charge of loading the plane. Seeing dogs ride up the conveyor belt to the plane makes me a little anxious, though…such precious cargo being loaded.

    And its even more impressive to think that SPKennel is not the only kennel that has dogs transported by plane. Kudos to those that run that part of the race.

  • Only the best is good enough for SPK dogs and I know that is absolutely what they always get. Good to see those smiley faces though. I know they're eager to get home after another big adventure–or the first for a few of the youngsters. Another season winds down 🙁 but summer may bring puppies and more new fun things. ALways hopes for the future, too. Yip, yip, yip!!

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