Aliy, Spark, Dutch, Amber, Junior, Rodney, Iron, Driver, Felix and Izzy left White Mountain right on time at 12.39am and are on their way home to Nome!

There is still some racing to be done and we will be watching closely as she and Peter Kaiser go head-to-head for the finish. Don’t discount those behind them also – a lot can happen in 77 miles as we well know! Teams have one more hill to climb, up and over Cape Nome then hug the coastline to Nome.

The wind between White Mountain and Nome is blowing hard currently. A few of the crew took snow machines to White Mountain this afternoon and reported they had to drive through some pretty bad weather to get home. We’re watching the weather forecast and hoping the report that the wind is supposed to decrease overnight is true.


In the meantime, Allen and his 15 team mates pulled in to Koyuk at 10.15pm. I’m not even gonna try to guess how long he will stay, I think I’ve got it wrong every time.

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  • Excellent! Enjoy the rest of the race, Aliy and team. What an accomplishment for all of you. So proud of all of you! Cheering you to Nome!
    Much love!

  • When Mitch, arrived in Nome, they asked You are very fast in to Nome.
    We put our dogs on the Treadmill , the Year round.
    They really let there dogs work hard. That is why they like to run fast. That was Mitch comment @ Nome. Have a Great Day, Hi, from Florida.
    Aliy & Red Team, Go,Go, Have a Great Race to Nome.

  • One reason I love this race so much is learning about how Aliy and Allen manage everything, the dogs, the terrain, the conditions, herself/himself (so much bootying). It is like a Rubik's cube with the dogs having relationships to everything. I have been fascinated with the changing line up on both teams and what it means for this finish and the finishes to come. But mostly I am just inspired by the peeps of SPK, all of them. Thanks to those of you who keep us posted.

  • GO RED TEAM!!!

    Finish proud!!!

    And thank you SP Kennel Crew for finding out the status of dropped team members Black and Red!!!




  • Well done, SPK teams! We are proud to sponsor you. I had to giggle about your inability to predict Allen's moves! Thank you for the interesting and timely updates. My granddaughter in Zimbabwe is having fun following the SPK teams from a distance. Ah, technology!We'll watch the teams finish with joy.

  • Allen and the Black Team again on the move with all 15 Team Mates, while Aliy is battling for 8th place on the last stretch of the trail…..WOW….how exciting!!!

    Go SPK!!!

  • It looks like another race where the GPS trackers might jump all over the place on cape Nome and confuse us. Knowing Aliy, she will be giving it her all, running up the cape.
    I wonder if Allen thought his team could make it to Elim for Aliy's finish. If so, I hope he does. It looks like they are trying, but it will be close!

    Aliy looks to be giving Pete a good run for the finish so far!

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