It was so thrilling to see Allen, Scout, Chena, Chipper, Lydia, Willie, Waylon, Scooter, Chemo, Olivia, Nomex, Five, Outlaw, Clyde and Scooby cross under the burled arch at 1.24pm this afternoon.

Tinder was the dog Allen left behind in White Mountain and he will hopefully be with us later today. Don’t worry, we’ve saved some salmon for him. He got a touch of the “runny bum” and wasn’t eating so well so Allen thought it best he stop in White Mountain.

The wind was blowing pretty hard and the sun was shining. Welcome to Nome.

Here are a few pictures from earlier this afternoon.

At the first road crossing

At the first road crossing

Second road crossing into Nome

Second road crossing into Nome

Allen said a quick “Howdy” on the way by

Allen with Mark Nordman, Lead dogs Scout and Chena

Clyde is pretty satisfied with another good job done, Scooter enjoys her salmon

Two year old rookies Five and Scooby settle in for a good, long sleep

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  • Yay Black Team! Awesome job by the youngsters and the rockstar veterans showing them the ropes! Well done Allen and team!!

  • Yay Allen! Yay Black Team! YAY FIVE!!! Thanks so much for the pictures. Take a deep breath and rest well now that SPK is safe and sound! All our best to all of you!!

  • And there it is…the 2nd awesome SPK team coming down the chute. Scout & Chena (older & younger) is just perfect! I got a little teary-eyed seeing that. Can't wait to see what Five and Scooby do in the years to come. Just two years old finishing 1000 miles, Wow! The picture of Team coming into the finish chute with Aliy looking on is so great…Aliy, Allen and one of their awesome teams. Such teamwork! Congratulations Red & Black Teams. You do us proud.

  • They looked fantastic coming into the finish! Scooby and Five….awesome job youngsters! So cool to see Olivia again making a 1,000 mile trek with her offspring. And our boy Chemo paired up with his half sister Scooter…they looked like they were enjoying the trek! Quite a lot of Veterans on that Team too!

    Hotshot and Tinder….good boys….it takes a TEAM and you two did awesome as well…enjoy the special attention and rest!

    You ALL enjoy some rest and relaxation now….cant believe another season is in the books!!

    SPK PROUD!!!

  • So proud of Chena – and an honour to be in lead in Iditarod XLV with the one and only Mr. Scout, her uncle. crosssing under the Burled Arch in Nome with The Black Team!!!

    Thanks so much for all SP Kennel does caring for and training each wonderful athlete.

    Best regards always,

    –Margaret (Chena's sponsor)

  • Sweet sweet dog faces! Great job Black team…..so glad Clyde got to the finish line this year!

  • So good to see the team in safe and sound. Now for much deserved rest and a nice banquet dinner before the travels back home. It's been another great race to watch. Thanks for everything to ALL of you

  • Way to go Black Team. You rock! It was pure joy to see you coming into the chute. As Cindy said, I got a little teary-eyed. What a fantastic team of "old, young, and crippled". As his sponsor, we are particularly happy for Scout who just finished his 12th 1000 mile race. ATTA BOY! To all the SPK racers and crew – great job and thank you for taking us along on this amazing ride.

    Ann and Tom
    Mt. Juliet, TN

  • Wonderful! A thrill to see three of the Surfivers that I was privileged to meet when they were just weeks old, now running with the older dogs.They have big booties to fill but they will!! Kudos to Five and Scooby and a high five to Rodney–of the fluffy ears!–on jobs very well done. Of course they had lots of good examples. And as always SO happy and proud of both the Red and Black teams. Class acts all the way, every single time. Maybe next year I can be there to watch you all come in. That's my next dream.

  • Awesome job Allen and Black. Loved the picture of Aliy waiting in the chute for their arrival. Rest well all.

  • YAY FIVE!! congrats on your first Iditarod, boy! you & your teammates did great job taking care of Allen. please let Allen know he did a great job, too.

  • Yahoo,, ahwooolll…..
    Great job to Allen and the PUPS! this race seems so nostalgic with the special 2 yr olds just getting it, and yet Ms O, Waylon and Scouty doing the terrific leading them again. So Proud of all of you. Allen showing master doggie care and love. Chipper you rock my sweet. I cant wait to hear all the trail stories when I get back.
    Padee Fairbanks

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