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  • Hooray Black Team…You deserve gold medals!
    We followed you via the internet here in 70's degrees northern California cozied up each 45 degree night under our "Olivia "throw blanket…thinking about Olivia and the cold cold nights, and beautiful aurouras, and the long trail to Nome, and hopes for a safe journey. (wish we could have ben there ! ).
    Congratulations from
    Herb and Tonia

  • Hooray Black Team…great job….you are winners. You deserve
    a grand celebration!
    Here in northern California's 45 degree night(s)
    we followed you on the internet, and cozied under our "Olivia"
    blanket; thinking of Big-O and those cold nights on the long and
    beautiful trail to Nome.
    Congratulations to you all for another
    great race.
    Tonia and Herb

  • Everyone looks so energetic and happy coming into the shoot, even Allen.
    It's super to see Chica's youngsters Five and Scooby make it all the way to Nome, exciting to see the young leader Chena, awesome to see Clyde reach those burled arches, and flat out amazing to see Scout and Olivia make it the entire 1000 miles! There is no doubt why Quito and the big O are the mammas of most of SPK's team members.

    Fantastic teamwork Black team!

  • That was a very quick trot from Koyuk to Nome (2nd fastest time to Safety and 3rd fastest to Nome : Nic, then Jeff&Mitch tied, followed by Allen.

    The dogs looked beautiful coming in, high spirited and happy. Five and Scooby made it all the way! And what about that Olivia – she's amazing and still such a beauty.

    I am glad you are all in safely.

  • Happy dogs! Energetic, relaxed, and so beautiful! Great job, Allen! Congratulations to the Black Team!!

  • Just perfect! Happy team! Wow, thanks on the time analysis Linda. Very nice job Black Team! Scooby enjoying Sam's attention is very cute! So glad to know Waylon & Willie got a celebratory pet from Allen, hahaha that was great. You know the thoughts of the SPK groupies well. Onward now to Spring. I'm a little sad about that, but that's just the way it is.

  • Way to go Black Team!!!! That Olivia IS amazing….having awesome litters of pups and still being able to trott 1,000 miles!!! You go girl! Scout looked so proud up in lead! Scooby and Five….the torch has been passed to the young ones…next year maybe the A Team for you! Another flawless run from Allen and the Black Team!

    And a shout out to Chemo….SO proud of you Buddy!!! We loved watching you finish with a smile!

  • What a wonderful video, thank you so very very much!!!

    That was an awesome performance up Front Street, Black Team!!!

    And thanks to Musher Allen for basically keeping the whole team together!!! (Special thanks to Moira for getting dropped doggie notice as soon as possible.)

    The Black Team looked so fast and snappy (I swear Scout and Chena were trying out for the doggie Rockettes, their steps up Front Street fast, sure and synchronized – most of the rest of the team, too).

    And yes, the (Chena) blanket worked for me in CT as well!!! Plus the hoodie (winter in CT during Iditarod included two snow storms and frigid temps). WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!

  • Wow, another great finish for SP Kennel. Well done! Huge congratulations to both Aliy and Allen (and pups) for another great race year. It had ids challenges, but you both rose to the occasion and "won" every race with your excellent mushing, positive attitude and as fine role models. I'm very proud to be an SPKennel fan.

    Sammy sure loves Scooby, doesn't he? I seem to remember that he chose Scooby's name, so there is a special link there. Neat that Sammy could be there.

    And Allen, bravo for helping Jodi Bailey into White Mountain. I was watching on the tracker. I always fret over those mushers who are "stranded" on the sea ice for hours. That little tracker flag goes orange and I fret…. Karin went past, the twins stopped briefly and then went on…. next musher – Allen!! Then I knew that Jodi was going to be OK. If I was stranded on the sea ice, you're the next person I'd want to see!!!

    I'm sad that the competitive race season is basically over. I follow all the races, and lots of mushers, so I know there are a few more races to go. But it's never as much fun if SPKennel isn't represented.

    I hope and pray, Aliy, that this year's race has given you some healing and restoration. You inspire me, you really do.

    I just taught an Iditarod class at my homeschool co-op and you now have about 19 new young fans!!

    Anne (London, Ontario)

  • What a spectacular run for the Black Team. Congratulations. Thank you, SPK, for again "taking us along." Watching the race unfold on the Iditarod site and reading (thank you, dog log!) the stories here… it's been so amazing. Get lots of sleep 🙂 Anxious to hear the run downs and more of your thoughts about this race. The SPK 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds should be proud.

  • Dear Aliy, Allen, the dedicated Crew and fantastic Dogs:
    Thank you for another amazing race. Once the Black team came in I was able to refocus on work and family. By now most friends and family know I go "dark" for about 10 days around the Iditarod and Quest. My husband looks for me hunkered down with my laptop, the screen flickering and me muttering, cheering, and crying… sometimes all three at once! My "refresh" finger is in a splint. And I can't wait until next year!

    Thank you Aliy for the courage to do this particular trail again and boldly saying Allen, counseling and the dogs got you thru. And thank you for taking a tragic incident and using if for good by spotlighting ANDVSA.

  • Great job!! We root for the Red & Black teams each & every year& every race. Just love to see the connection between you both with your teams. Tight lines from northern Michigan!

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