Take a ride on the tag sled for Allen and the Black Team’s Ceremonial Run.

Ruth wore a head mounted GoPro (thanks Verizon) so I could leave in all the corners that I had to put the hand-held camera down for!

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  • If watching this doesn't put you in a good mood, nothing will. I am fairly certain Ruth was having a great time, LOL! and it is infectious. So much fun watching both Red & Black team ceremonial start runs, minus the Moose incident. Yikes! Thanks for putting these videos in the lineup today. Fun stuff.

  • I love it, such HAPPY dogs.
    Thank you Ruth for catching that video of Allen and his ecstatic teammates.

  • I'm amazed they don't run over to see the friendly people when Allen stopped the Team!! They know how to stay focused! Good dogs! Thanks for putting this together….we enjoyed the ride!

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