Here are a few pictures of Nome from the last few days. Yesterday afternoon we had the Meet the Mushers event in the “Mini” Convention Centre. It’s such a popular event with the queue going out the doors as they opened.

Meet the Mushers

Meet the Mushers

Aliy with Michelle Phillips and Jodi Bailey; Meet the Mushers

The dogs were enjoying the warmth of the sun today.

Amber making the most of the sunshine; Chipper enjoys her salmon

Izzy and Schmoe dozing in the sunshine

A few days ago we all sat around the dinner table writing, addressing and stamping the postcards for Dog Fan Club and Team members. Moira posted them on Friday – we hope you all enjoy them!

We’ve had some free time to get out and about around Nome. Here are a few of our favourite pics around the area.

Tonight is the Musher Banquet and Pirzegiving then the crew packs up and ships out Sunday night and Monday. We always enjoy Nome but we’re looking forward to getting home.

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  • Wonderful! Thank you all for keeping us posted, and congratulations to the mushers and the dogs of the Red and Black Teams!

  • It is always such a joy to see and read an SPK post! Love to armchair follow along. Hope you have an enjoyable evening at the banquet, listening to the trail stories and spending time with all of those who love their dogs and being on the trail with them. Very proud of your race Aliy….taking care of your pups first even though the change in strategy meant you may not have achieved all of your goals. With that said, finishing in 8th is fantastic! You have an amazing team and support. We are behind you all the way and not just during the racing season. So glad to see your continued healing and return of strength and confidence this year. And Allen – thank you for taking the old, tired and young on the trip to Nome…I have no doubt the care you take in making the journey fun and rewarding means continued success for SPK. Love you guys! Safe travels home! Will be looking for those trail stories and Aliy cam and notes! Thank you!

  • Ditto to what post at 8:47 (March 19) says!!!

    Plus these photos are so evocative – what a landscape – and actually the pic with the boat sitting in front of the house is a reminder of the next season coming along one of these weeks, months…

    Beautiful loving doggies, as well as mushers…and what adoring and adorable fans!!!

    Can't get enough of this Iditarod – looking forward to postcard from Chena!!!

    Most sincerely,


  • Have a Great time tonight. Thanks for the time & all the work for the race. Look forward for the Post card. Hi, from Florida

  • Amazing pictures! Jeff Schultz has some on the Iditarod site of SPK
    with are great also. Thanks to Moira for pointing it out!
    Run Dogs Run also. I watch it alot! Just can't seem to get enough.
    Give the dogs all a hug for me!

  • Once again, thank you for taking us on the trail with you, for all of the hard work from all of you, and for keeping us in mind with so much going on. I hope you have a great time at the banquet tonight. Much love to all that are part of SP Kennel!

  • Aliy, how did your new bionic foot do over the course of this race?

    Sometime please post a description of the human recovery process: physiologically, psychologically, nutritionally, and everything else!

  • Wow…packed house at the Meet the Musher gathering!! Nice! LOVE the pics of the landscapes in and around Nome. Whats in that huge freight sled???

    Facebook live streamed the start banquet….it will be cool if they do the same for the finish. Either way we are thinking of you folks enjoying your last moments in Nome before heading home for sme R&R.

    Well done SPK!!!

  • What a well deserved couple of days off for the SPK 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds. Great race, great racing season and thank you again for sharing it with all of us fans out here all over the world. I am looking forward to hearing details about how the dogs did individually – and Aliy and Allen – your thoughts about how it all went. Have a safe trip home.

  • Thanks for the Nome photos. Cool street sign pointing to Moscow, Siberia, Phoenix, Chicago, etc…. Even after a few years of watching the races it still amazes me that you run in the sea ice (and the frozen rivers too). Where I live the ponds and rivers may freeze for a short period of time, but never enough to step out on them. Always enjoy the pup pics. Schmoe looks like he's contemplating something very serious, like when is my next meal/snack!

  • Thanks for the great wrap up and pictures! Next best to being there. Congrats to Allen on his very well-earned award. Sportsmanship and SPK are almost synonymous which is one of the factors that makes you all so special. I watched the live video of the ceremony and saw Aliy and Allen right there front in for most of the time. Maybe next year–many good things happening!

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