It was all about the Yukon Quest 300 today.

Aliy and her 12 YQ300 team mates will head off wearing bib 6 on Saturday afternoon. They will leave the chute at 3.15pm.

Note: YQ bibs start at 51

This morning we took the athletes to their vet checks where they underwent the same examination as the 1000 mile dogs did this time last week.

Ginger is examined by Dr Greta M. Krafsur; Woody is ready for his exam with Dr Alan Taylor

I asked Dr Taylor what he looks for in the exam in this short video.

Many thanks to the vet team who are all volunteering their time for the race. We appreciate the care and attention you pay to our team.

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  • Lol…I didn't recognize Woody with BOTH ears in the floppy mode! He must have been trying extra hard to say "hey…..Im really cool with you checking me out…see…..everything is in order….I take really good care of myself don't ya think"!!!! Go Woody!! Love that dawg!!!

    Wow….Vets that volunteer for this are really doing such an awesome service to today's Sled Dogs!! Thank you volunteer Vets!!

    Nice Bib Draw Red Team…..can't wait for tomorrow to get this race underway!!! Go SPK!!

  • Yes thank you so much to the Vets who take such good care of our dogs and *volunteer* their time. How generous and warm-hearted this clip is, including thanking you Moira who also comes from so far away to take such good care of our dogs.

  • What a lovely interview and so well behaved – all three participants!!!
    An international race!!!



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