Congratulations to Aliy, Driver, Chena, Ernie, Ginger, Hotshot, Scooter, Iron, Outlaw, Tinder, Schmoe and Woody!  They crossed the finish line of the 2017 Yukon Quest 300 at 11:18 PST with tails wagging, but certainly ready for a nice hot meal and a rest in the truck. 

Aliy left Violet with the crew in Pelly during her loop to the finish line.  She was nursing a sore wrist so Aliy made the last minute decision to leave her in the crews’ capable hands.  Violet had been doing so well.  Aliy was disappointed not to take her to the finish!

What’s next? 

Allen is currently on his way to Dawson, about 115 miles out as of this post.  He is about 20 miles out of the Scroggie Creek Hospitality Stop.

Wendy will take all of the Quest 300 athletes plus Daisy home to Two Rivers where Chris and Ruth will pamper them.  They will get to sleep in the dog barn and enjoy a few days off before getting back into training for the Iditarod.

Aliy joins Mark and Moira in the other truck to head to Dawson City.  They will set up the dog camp and wait for the black team to arrive sometime tomorrow.

SP Kennel sends out a huge congratulations to Michelle Phillips and her phenomenal dog team for winning the Quest 300!!

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  • Yippee,, way to go doggies A hoowwll.. we are so Happy you ran a great Race. great practice for the next adventure.. cant wait to see you back at the Kennel. Great job Aliy you Zirkled ON!
    Padee Fairbanks
    Padee Fairbanks

  • Congratulations the ❤️Team on their great second place finish in Yukon Quest 300 👏🏻. Enjoy your ride home and your rest and pampering in the dog barn . Now for the Yukon Quest 1000 and the 🖤 Team 🐾🐾. Denali 🐾🐾 & Joanne 🇦🇺

  • Congrats Aliy and the Red Team on a fantastic finish for this young Team! Bet Schmoe will be pleasantly suprised to get some more rest instead of continueing down the trail for another 700 miles! It will be nice to see the young dogs race resume grow a little longer with this one. Super impressed with Woody…if there was a prize for most improved from last year it would go to Woody! Bet Chris is smiling ear to ear with his performance on this race!

    Safe travels to Dawson City and also back to the kennel with precious cargo! Sounds like your travels have beeen blessed with seeing beautiful scenery and elusive critters like lynx…so cool! ""See" you all in Dawson City soon!

  • Congratulations on a great run! Doggies get to rest; humans not so much, at least for a little while.

  • Congratulations Aliy and the Red Team for a 2nd place finish and a great race! A long cold 300 miles but you came through happy and healthy with flying colors, as always. Now we'll focus all of our good energy on Allen and the Black Team. GO SPK!
    ps – I'm confused. Did Ernie cross the finish line?

  • Great Finish and Congratulations to Aliy and SP Dogs! So sorry
    Violet was not there at the end but she finished in my book. Go
    Girl! The singing may be the next best tool–wonder what song?
    Thanks to the crew and handlers for your hard work! Fantastic

  • Congratulations Aliy and all of your team!
    Excellent race.
    I'm so happy you weren't sidelined on the wait list through the first 3rd of Allen's race. I doubt that would have been a "happy" place for you.

    Enjoy bonding with the rest of the team in Dawson!
    …and get a little nap too 🙂

    Go SPK, go Allen!

  • Great Job! Congrats! Enjoy Dawson dog camp and try to catch some rest before you three become dog (and Allen) caretakers extraordinaire. Safe travels to Wendy back to Two Rivers. Go Black Team! Go Dogs!

  • Good work youngsters, veterans, and musher. Violet, Ernie, Tinder, Hotshot, Chena, and Ginger can strut their stuff around the kennel now! They have joined the big league.

    Michelle's team was on fire, wasn't it. Ed Hopkins, her partner, is also doing really well too. Their hard training has paid off.

  • Congrats Aliya d the Red team!! Well done, and especially proud of Woodiford (extra hugs and pets for him please, Chris, Ruth, and Wendy) Sending virtual pets to the Red team pups and a high five to Aliy!!!!
    Now back to refreshing the YQ 1000 race…. Go Allen Go!!


  • Congratulations Aliy & Red Team. Enjoy some well deserved pampering in dog barn. Safe travels to all and get Dawson set up ready for 36 hr layover. Go Allen & Black Team.
    Fabulous picture all iced up, Aliy.

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