Allen and his 12 Black Team team mates arrived into Two Rivers checkpoint at 2:04am this morning in third position behind Matt Hall and Hugh Neff. The earliest they can leave on the final leg is 10.04am. He pulled in with Mismo and Izzy in lead, he said Izzy was pulling the most up the hills before the summits so he put her up there to motivate all the others to pull just as hard.

Allen talked about the trail between Mile 101 and about five miles from the checkpoint. He said it was the worst trail snow conditions he’d ever encountered. It was a really unique sensation of being “raspy”, as he described it. He said coming down Rosebud he had to ski-pole. DOWN. Allen did also say, of the team going over Eagle Summit and Rosebud, that he thought it was the best team he’d ever driven up there. He had no issues and they just put their heads down and pulled.

Once they arrived Allen gave the team a kibble meal and a few turkey skin and beef snacks then bedded them down before heading indoors himself and enjoying two fresh made breakfast burritos then a few hours sleep. Aliy stayed out at the checkpoint and the rest of us will head out there later this morning to see them off on their last run.

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    Love the detailed directions on the sign!!!

    So glad Aliy stayed out there to make sure everyone got a good night's rest!!!

    What a lovely team with beautiful Izzy and her big brother Mismo up front!!!


  • Thanks ever so much yet AGAIN for the beautiful pictures from "Two Rivers NOT the general store" YQ stop!!!

    Hope Izzy can read the directions – or Mismo!

    The more I look at the Black Team's numbers, the more impressed I am with this team!!!

    Loved the picture of Red Team leader watching out for moose or other distractions as the 4-legged team members slept!!!

    Happy Valentines Day – WOOF WOOF WOOF

  • Yay! I stayed watching until he was well past Rosebud before going to bed – all down hill now.

    This has been a great team and IMO, one of the best runs. Allen had a team that needed extra care due to that virus. They got it and he still kept a race pace.

    Congratulations to Mismo and Izzy for setting the pace and keeping things going during the final stretches. I had wondered if Izzy would go in lead since she's the only one that had gone that way before .. I remember Aliy saying that she put Mismo in front on the icing sections of the Iditarod because nothing bothered him. So I had wondered if he might find his way to the front.

  • Thanks for the latest news. Will be watching the tracker on the
    final leg of this journey. Fantastic team!! Go Allen and Dogs!!

  • "Chena River Recreation Area" is a goodly part of the last leg…so:

    Chena is rooting especially hard for the Black Team right now!!!




  • Home stretch Black team.
    Remember to go gee, and after a haw stay gee, don't go back to the kennel no matter how tempting. I believe there are some well deserved treats awaiting you up the trail at the finish line.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Izzy & Mismo what a pair. Allen you are on the final leg, mush on across the finish line. Aliy is the best lookout ever.

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