Allen led out with Kodiak and Commando, in swing was Junior and Dutch followed by Izzy and Mismo, Spark and Amber, Nomex and Rodney, Daisy and Champ, with Chipper and Felix in wheel.

“We race the Yukon Quest because it truly tests our skills as survivalists, racers, athletes and most of all, dog people. Sure, it is a competition and we hope to win. But true success will be determined by what happens in those 1,000 miles. There are many, many footsteps and even more paw prints that it will touch the ground before reaching the finish line. There are many stories that go along with the paw prints but many of them will be swallowed up by the trail. A ‘normal’ day on the Yukon Quest is anything but normal.

It is incredibly exciting to mush down the trail around corners, following your team, always ready to greet the next adventure. Our dogs are the brave ones who meet every situation head on literally. They are true, proud and adventurous individuals. Yes, some dogs are more ‘followers’ but the vast majority of our dogs are curious, motivated and determined. (Gee… where do they get that from?)

Getting to the starting line is a tremendous achveivement. A win in itself. But the pressure at the starting line is intense. Have we conditioned and trained our dogs the best we could? Have we given them optimum nutrition and peak health care? Do we have the best dog booties, coats and other dog gear to make their jobs easier? Are we ready and prepared to help our team the best we possible can?

Then it is 3 – 2 – 1 – GO!”

Aliy led out with Violet and Tinder, Chena and Woody in swing followed by Scooter and Schmoe, Iron and Driver, Outlaw and Hotshot with Ginger and Ernie in wheel.

Wendy was wearing a GoPro for the first 1.5 miles so I will edit that up and get it to you as soon as I can.

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  • What a thrill to watch the SPK teams launch! Thank you so much for including us in your amazing adventures. We armchair mushers admire you and love your love of your dogs and the trail. All the best for safe and excellent races!

  • Ditto!!!

    What a team – woof, woof woof for the Black Team – go Allen and you wonderful doggies (at 3:41am in CT, I am watching the video but not listening to the excitement until the rest of the family is awake ON THEIR OWN!!!




  • And their off!!!

    Looks like they are motoring along perfectly! SO excited for Rodney and Daisy…..what an awesome adventure for them!

    Go Black Team!

  • Thank you for these awesome start videos. I watched the live stream that YQ is trying out this year and it was good, but not nearly as good as these. Rodney is too funny! He was just saving his energy for the race. The race is on!

  • These videos and commentary are wonderful. Thank you so much – in the midst of all the activity and everything you have to do, you make time to make our day with video, pix and comments. So exciting.

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